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Michelle Heidenrich Barnes
"Our heads are spheres so our thoughts can move in all possible directions." (author unknown)
"Our heads are spheres so our thoughts can move in all possible directions." (author unknown)

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DMC: "Happiness in Motion" by Juanita Havill
HAPPINESS IN MOTION Happiness scampers across the roof of my mind leaps to a branch all spunk and play descends gargle-giggling from a toothy smile delight in digging delight in finding delight in sitting on the deck wall question-mark tail curved along its...

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DMC: "Reflections of Abuse" by +Leigh Anne Eck 

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DMC: "Sometimes a Happy Ending" by Linda Baie
SOMETIMES A HAPPY ENDING Joy moved away one cloudy day and broke my heart in two. I lay upon the pile of trash wondering what to do without the snuggling and all that hugging, without that happy you. Then Joy returned in two large hands when the trash truck...

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DMC: "Happy" by Irene Latham
HAPPY She spins like a merry-go-round, she climbs every tree. She's a busy, buzzy bumblebee. She's a red balloon drifting across blue sky. She's a pair of polka-dotted rainboots worn during a dry July. She sings, she smiles. Sometimes she curls up with slee...

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Diane Mayr: Be Curious
"Curiouser and curiouser"  Photo by Stanley Howe Wondering what this band of bovines are curious about?  I bet Diane Mayr knows... or if not, I bet she can find out.  That's what librarians do best! In today's post, the second in her "Ask a Librarian" serie...

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DMC: "Competition" by Keri Collins Lewis
COMPETITION I sense you behind me, silent, scheming sneaking a glance over my shoulder. Test grades. Text messages. Timed sprints. So I study longer. Bury my crush. Push harder. You won’t catch me, because every time you try, I will transcend myself. © 2017...

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DMC: "Anxiety" by Kathleen Mazurowski
ANXIETY Creeps into dreams. Steals sleep. Doubts decisions, But it could have. . . It might have. . . It would have. . . It should have. . . I wake up sweaty, Heart palpitating. Breathe. © 2017 Kathleen Mazurowski. All rights reserved. Jeannine Atkins has c...

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DMC: "French Fries with a Side of Oh My" by Bridget Magee
FRENCH FRIES WITH A SIDE OF OH MY Embarrassment squeezes between Julio and me at the lunch table. The ketchup packet feels the pressure, bursting in such a way that Julio wears the flush of my cheeks for the rest of the day. © 2017 Bridget Magee. All rights...

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DMC: "Preparing for the Day" by David McMullin
PREPARING FOR THE DAY Curiosity whispers in your ear, waking you from a deep sleep. Curiosity tosses back the covers, splashes water in your face,       fills your belly, and packs your bags. Curiosity turns the knob and throws the front door wide open. Cur...

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DMC: "Confidence" by Michelle H. Barnes
"Confidence" by Nathan van Elden I've been having such fun this week exploring personified feelings! Apparently, I'm not the only one. Either Jeannine Atkins came up with a fantastic DMC challenge or y'all
missed me more than I realized. I'm guessing it's ...
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