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Excellent article. Always good to be reminded of these things.

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Ummm, think we'll have a read of this...
Book Review 'A Christmas Day at the Office' by Matt Dunn.
Reviewed by Stacey and awarded 4 stars.

Stacey's Verdict:-
"A fun, festive read, that will have you laughing throughout, whether that be with, or at the characters. It is a book that you can curl up with on these drab dark nights, and one that will really get you in the mood for Christmas."

#BookBlogger   #BookReview   #Christmas  

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Is this a book Joanna or one of your podcasts?
The different types of audio productions and rights authors can sell - with J. Daniel Sawyer #audiobooks  

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Think we need to watch this!
Bookstores are busy with shoppers buying presents for the holiday season right now. They’re buying books, but they’re also buying merchandise related to those books or author brands.
Many indie authors have got to grips with producing ebooks, print-on-demand and audio, but we’re only just starting to look into merchandise. In today’s show, Melissa Addey will give you some ideas. #entrepreneur  

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Very interesting

Do you want to understand Readers?

If you care about how actual readers discover books, make purchasing decisions, how much they are willing to pay and a whole host of other really great questions, you need to read the post.

This survey was put together by +Marie Force. She is a romance author who uses both self-publishing and traditional publishing houses as vehicles to release her books to the public. Just under 3000 of her readers responded to this survey.

Here's the link:

Let me give you some examples of the good stuff you'll find there:

Ninety-five percent of readers are “more likely” to buy a self-published book from an author who is known to them versus 68 percent who are “less likely” to buy a self-published book from an author who is unknown to them.

We discovered that readers are interested in stories with outstanding characters, setting, storytelling and writing, with 75 percent choosing “all of the above” to encompass each of those elements.

Thirty-three percent said typos don’t bother them at all while only 8 percent said bad editing will cost an author a reader for life. Twenty-seven percent said they’d give an author another chance if the editing in the first book isn’t good whereas 24 percent said “typos drive me mad."

Sixty-eight percent are looking for novellas (in the 25,000-word) range to fall in the $0.99 to $1.99 price range. But 21 percent said they would pay $2.99 for a novella of this length.

When asked what they expect to pay for a full-length (80,000 words or more) novel, 26 percent said $4.99, 19 percent said $5.99, 14 percent said $3.99, 13 percent said $7.99 and 12 percent said $6.99. I found it interesting that only 6.5 percent said $2.99, which has been considered somewhat of a “sweet spot” in indie pricing.

Here's some info that will interest +Jeff Moriarty.

The results for the primary source of information about books were all over the place with the top vote getter being Facebook at 18 percent, followed by retail sites at 17 percent, Goodreads at 13 percent and author websites at 10 percent. Lots of interesting data in the “Other” field for this question.

Facebook (62 percent) and Author Websites (63 percent) were virtually tied for first when readers were asked where they get their information about their favorite authors. (This was a “choose all that apply” question.) Author newsletters were a distant second at 36 percent. Goodreads scored 27 percent and Twitter 19 percent. Retail sites were next at 18 percent. It’s probably safe to conclude from these results that if you have limited time, it’s best spent on Facebook and keeping up your website.

In one of the more interesting results, 60 percent of those surveyed do not follow their favorite authors on Twitter whereas 87 percent of those surveyed do follow their favorite authors on Facebook. Find more than 2,000 replies to the open-ended question about what readers are looking for from authors on Facebook in the link to the full results at the end of this post. In another interesting finding, 85 percent of those surveyed do not follow their favorite authors on Pinterest, and 86 percent do not look for authors on any other social media platform besides those already listed in the survey. Goodreads was one of the most frequently mentioned sites in the open-ended portion of the question.

There is a ton of additional great information at the link. She even includes the 300+ page .pdf of the raw data at the end of the article. This is a fantastic resource.

Do yourself a favor and go read this.

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5* rating... well done!
I invite all to read my book, Enduring You, which is the first of a three-part love story full of sizzle, intrigue, and romance. Currently, it has a 5-star rating on both Amazon and Goodreads, making it the perfect read for the holidays. The second book of the series, Revealing You is due out after the first of the year. EY is also a great gift for the romance reader on your list. It is now available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and signed copies on 

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Have a look at this:

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Ooh! This looks fun!

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This looks fun!
Still time to win a stocking stuffer for your fav romance reader (it can be you... that's totally okay)
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