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Random thoughts, ideas and experiences
Random thoughts, ideas and experiences

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Took less than an hour to get a 3000 line Python script developed on Windows to work on Linux. Hard to work with any other language, once you've worked with Python! Thanks +Guido van Rossum :)

It's amazing how tax payers have to sponsor these endless debates in politics. How can these folks in office sit around and waste time like this? They are getting paid to take care of the country, not stall and posture around. It's almost a shame that mature adults are so caught up in their own limited opinions and cannot work together. Fantastic example for the younger generation. And I thought Indian politicians were lousy.

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The HP Touchpad in Costco. And yeah, you can't touch it. Great advertising. 

I must say I miss Techmeme and Reddit on Google+. 

Just tried Spotify - very nice on desktop but requires premium on mobile. Grooveshark - great again but jailbreak and premium on iPhone, and Google Music doesn't work on iPhone at all. So much for options.

Google Latitude is cool but is draining my iPhone battery. Not too much to kill it in half a day, but enough to have to keep an eye out. 

The Google+ iPhone app is very nice but the topics are still too limited. Very little mainstream news being posted in here. Need to follow a more diverse crowds. Twitter is still much more interesting for me. 

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Using to post from Google+ to Twitter via TwitterFeed. Nice clean solution. Only issue is the 30 min delay.

Setup StoryTlr yesterday to test it out - works pretty nicely. Would serve well as my home page by consolidating all my online activity.
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