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Doug Anderson
I make games and even play them sometimes.
I make games and even play them sometimes.

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For serious Stars & Crosses players only.

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A photo essay of my wargame scenery, focusing on one manufacturer.

D&D Halloween candies:
Candy xorn
Orc peppermint patties
Mr Lawful Goodbar
Shambling Mounds
Necro wafers
Ochre Jelly Babies

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On the Workbench after Rock Opera '79
Rock Opera '79 is nearing publication -- the Rockiverse has so many adventure possibilities that I keep seeing more locales to flesh out, factions to develop, and corners of the game world's history to expand. But safe to say, it is nearly done and will be ...

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Advice for wargamers and RPG gamers ready to pass the torch to the next generation...
Hobby Games Recce
I took a few notes at Historicon about running kid-friendly games, then expanded them into this rambling missive on the subject. Although these tips are inspired by and geared toward games at events like conventions, they’re useful when running games at home, too.

fill-in clerk at FLGS (paid in miniatures!)
pushcart vendor
video game arcade minder/pinball machine maintenance
weekend manager at convenience store
bookstore clerk

#RPGaDay 2016, Day 4:
Have you ever encountered a willful misinterpretation of a rule that was so broken or so funny that you couldn't say no?

What comes to mind is the barbarian who choose "Halfling" as his Weapon Focus feat so he could get a +1 bonus whenever he hurled the party halfling as a ranged weapon.

#RPGaDay 2016 Day 3:

I'm ignoring the official questions and just posing questions I feel like answering. Today's question is: Did RPGs ever have a golden age? The answer is yes. It ended precisely one week before you started playing.

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