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AutoRemote - Remote Control Your Phone With Tasker
AutoRemote - Remote Control Your Phone With Tasker


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AutoRemote 3.0 is out now!

(Watch this video instead if you're on mobile: AutoRemote 3 0 (Viewable on mobile))

Links may still point to the old versions, but they should be updated within the hour.

Google Play:

Chrome Extension:

EventGhost Plugin:
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New AutoRemote beta. :)
New AutoRemote beta:

 - Major update to EventGhost plugin. Get latest version here. Copy file to your EventGhost folder which is usually under C:\Program Files (x86)\EventGhost\plugins\AutoRemote. It's very important to do this, or else EventGhost won't work with this version.
    - Can receive files. Will do it over wifi so it's way faster 
    - Can receive remote registrations
    - Can respond with own info to request from Android device
 - Added new Tasker Action "AutoRemote Query" that returns all existing devices. If there's demand I can create filters to return only devices of a certain type, with a certain name, etc. Only works with latest Tasker beta:
 - Added support for Google Drive to send and receive files between Android devices. You can now use this or Dropbox.
 - Added device icons in the device list to more easily identify each one
 - Fixed bug where notifications couldn't be sent
 - Fixed some other bugs
   Available in a few hours.

Expect some bugs on the EventGhost side. :) It has had a major re-write 
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New AutoRemote Beta:

- This is mostly invisible for users, but I've completely rewritten AutoRemote. It is now easier to maintain so I should be able to implement new features in a quicker way. So, if something doesn't seem to work, please bear with me. There were LOTS of changes.

- Added direct communication via Wifi!
   - In Tasker, add the new "AutoRemote Wifi" action to start the listening service whenever you need it. This service is needed to receive message, but not to send them
   - Go into your device list, and press the Wifi button in the action bar
   - It'll scan your network for devices that have the Wifi service enabled, so make sure to enable it on other devices first.
   - Send a message like you normally would to that device and Wifi will be tried first. If it doesn't succeed, message will be sent via bluetooth, and if that doesn't work, it will be sent normally

- Fixed Bluetooth communications. Should work now (I hope :))

- Added quick message and notification buttons on the device list screen 

- Added Channel Management screen where you can see the current list of channels and what devices are in each.The "+" and "X" buttons are just placeholders for now. It doesn't do anything yet, sorry! You can still manage your channels in the Tasker action.
Changelog |
Changelog |
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New website for ideas/feedback.

I wanted to try and see how this works.
Here you can leave your ideas and also vote on other people's ideas. This can help me prioritize future developments, so vote on your favorite ideas!

Also, very important in this initial phase, submit your own ideas! :) I've already added 4 ideas to get it started, but please submit more if you're interested!

Hope this helps shape a better future for the AutoApps!
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AutoLocation Tutorial - Show Notification when walking near store 

In this example you'll learn how to start and stop the AutoLocation Monitors and how to combine the various monitors for greater accuracy and control.

You'll use 2 Geofences.

- Larger Geofence around the general area of the store
 - Toggles High-Precision Location Monitor to get more accurate location tracking thus aiding the Geofence monitor in its work
 - Toggles Activities Monitor so you can know if you're walking or not

- Smaller geofence around the store, that will REALLY let you know you're by the store, allied to a "Walking" condition that assures that you're walking by the store and not doing some other activity (like driving for example)
 - This will show a notification with a shopping list when activated
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AutoLocation is out of beta!

Try it now! :)
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New AutoVoice beta!

Plenty of new features:
- Support for Android 2.2+, with warning that Bluetooth may no work
- New Tasker condition: "AutoVoice No Match": triggers when when no other configured command was matched
- Precision in matched commands: you can specify the max ammount of results that will be tried to match to your command, so you can get more precision
- Invert Command Filter and Last Command ID: match all but the one that was specified
- Last Command ID supports regex
- New %avheadset variable is set to "true" or "false" depending if your last recognition used a headset or not
- Recognized Failed now has Command ID and Last Command ID options
- Shortcut to launch recognition. Should be faster than creating a shortcut with a Tasker task in some cases

Join the community below to join the beta now!
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Now that the Amazon app store for Android is out in a lot more countries, use this Zap to get a notification each time a new "Free app of the day" comes out. 
Also import this Tasker profile so that when you click the notification, the Amazon App store app automatically opens (make sure you have the app installed):
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New joaomgcd app in Beta: AutoLocation:

Let Tasker know when you're walking, in a vehicle, cycling, standing still or tilting the device.

Variables available in Tasker in the entry task of AutoLocation:
 - %alactivity (IN_VEHICLE = 0; ON_BICYCLE = 1;ON_FOOT = 2; STILL = 3; UNKNOWN = 4; TILTING = 5;)
 - %alactivitydesc (description for the above code

Go here to join the joaomgcd community (so you can join the beta):
Go here to join the beta (will be up in a few hours):
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New Community for joaomgcd apps.

Go there to discuss joaomgcd apps and take part in Beta tests!
To participate in the AutoRemote beta, join the community and navigate here to join the beta:

You'll then start receiving updates directly through Google Play instead of having to download the beta manually every time.

Join the AutoRemote beta now, if you want to be on the bleeding edge of AutoRemote and don't mind a little instability here and there at times! :)
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