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This beautifully written post accurately summarizes all that there is to know about duplicate content issues and how to treat them:
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This, my friends, was done with javascript! Let it load, then use the arrow keys:
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Converting your unsupported Flash animations to HTML 5 scripts allows better comparability for all modern mobile devices. But rather then creating the existing animations from scratch, here's a tool that will do it for you in (almost) a single click:

Meet Swiffy, a recently developed "SWF to HTML 5 converter". This tool will do a more then a descent job converting your .swf files into HTML 5 scripts, while maintaining a similar loading time for the animation.

You may implement the converted script into the page "as is" or by using an "iframe" element. Also, tweaking and altering the animation can now be done straight from your code editing application.

Give it a try and share your thoughts:
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Looking forward to discover new web-mastering techniques! Made a promising 3 book order from aBookApart yesterday. These are the editions I chose:


Hopefully this would be an insightful experience, will post back my impressions.
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And moving on from good news to surprisingly dramatic ones:

Google is starting to crawl Ajax to improve their Instant Previews. What this means is that yet to be indexed URL's are about to be discovered. Also, un-indexed content fetched using Ajax would now be visible to the crawler.

If you manage a website that contains Ajax "injected" content in it [such as: $.get('ive-never-been-crawled-before.html'] chances are it's going to be crawled in the near feature.

Please keep an eye out on your indexed pages for the next couple of months, to make sure you have no faulty pages in the index.

Post away any questions.
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Google is Raising awareness of cross-domain URL selections.

To sum up the great news: we'll now be receiving automatic messages informing us, webmasters, about external URL's containing original content our site has duplicated.

You can think of it as a personal, automatic "Copyscape" service by Google. Cheers!
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