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Joseph Hecksel
Coordinator for the NAFEX Acorn and Chestnut interest groups
Coordinator for the NAFEX Acorn and Chestnut interest groups
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Selling acorns and chestnuts on-line
Four pictures and a few comments: Acorns 18 POUNDS Fresh Red Oak Acorns deer sqiirells chipmonks food & Craftwork This ad would be more effective if "squirrels" and "chipmunks" were spelled in the conventional way. The seller did a fantastic job including s...

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Eye Candy
Image by Michael Nave.  Photo posted ==> HERE <=== Michael Nave is a chestnut grower in California.  He posts on on The Chestnut Forum .  He is very generous with his knowledge. Grams per nut to Nuts per pound Some people think in terms of grams per nut, ...

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Quercus robur or petraea?
For a long time I was under the delusion that there was only one species of temperate, Western European oak:  Quercus robur . I was wrong. Quercus robur is the oak of the deep, rich soils and protected coves of Western Europe...the cozy Western Europe of Th...

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Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp
As I planned for next year's planting and grafting season I found myself reminded of the Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp. I live in Michigan and it is illegal to import chestnut trees or scionwood from states known to harbor Asian Chestnut Gall Wasps. Light green ...

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Internal Kernel Breakdown (Chestnuts)
A news release from Michigan State University: We have recently found that a type of kernel rot, not associated with a
mold or insect, is found in about 30% of the nuts from ‘Colossal’ trees
when those trees are pollinized by Chinese chestnut....we strong...

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Synchronized Bearing
Many species of fruit and nut trees tend to "alternate" bearing.  A more precise term is "synchronized" bearing because the years of heavy bearing are not always on a two year cycles. Not all individuals in a give species show synchronized bearing traits.  ...

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Quercus shumardii?
Hello all: I did not get this job because I am a wizard at Oaks and Chestnuts.  Rather.  I got this job because I had a little extra time and volunteered. I want to tap the collective expertise out there on the internet. This specimen is outside the normal ...

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Legacy Trees (Burr Oak)
One of the appeals of planting oak trees is that there is a very real possibility that a tree you plant could still be giving pleasure to people two or even three hundred years from now. Some genus are more suited for "legacy trees" than others.  Oak are a ...

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My brother Phil loves filberts.  Go figure. At one time we had about 20 bushes on my dad's property.  All but two succumbed to the Eastern Filbert Blight.  One has symptoms and is barely hanging on.  The other is growing well after the variety that was graf...

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The Chinese Prodigal Son
There was a rich man who owned much fertile farmland.  He had one son.  The
son loved the City.  The son spent his time gambling, drinking,
and enjoying
the life of the young, idle rich. One day the rich man died.  The young man appointed several caretakers...
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