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TEACHERS OF READING & WRITING Let's make a list of teachers of reading & writing on Google+ to help folks connect. I'm thinking English teachers as well as other educators interested in talking about literacy. If you're a teacher and would like to be added, just share your name & link to your profile in a comment (and feel free to share this post so others can contribute - thanks!)
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I am working with two elementary magnet schools that emphasize technology. Would love to setup some writing projects with others as school starts.
I teach English reading and writing to all ages! :o)

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I am a middle school literacy coach. Would love to connect with other teachers of reading and writing!
taught k-1 last year and looping with my firsties to second grade this year. add me! +Anne Patrick
and me! I teach College Composition and a few Literature sections. Dual Certified in K-8 elementary & 5-12 English (MEd)
High school English and Spanish, blogger, poet
+Kate Messner I added your Teachers list to the master list of lists ref'd here: - an index of user-generated people lists, by topic (teachers, photographers, book bloggers, lawyers, etc.) #FYI
Sarah Erickson, English teacher, have taught 6th, 9th, 10th, 12th English, this year 8th grade! And I agree with everyone else who think this is a great idea. Thanks!
I'm a YA author and educator/reading specialist. I've also written books for elementary teachers and administrators and I have a blog. Great list!
Glad you created this. I'm a former middle school teacher, but I taught 9th and 12th as well. I'm now a tutor and volunteer in the LA school district, so I like to keep up to date. I write, as well. My middle grade comic mystery YOUNG & YANG DETECTIVES will be published by Harper Children's next year.
I teach language arts to 5th graders in Virginia. Great idea, Kate!
Awesome resource! I teach/have taught AP English Literature, English Language Learners (ESL), Senior English, ACT/SAT Prep, Speech/Debate, 20th Century History (college), and American History (college).
I teach third grade and would like to be added to the list.
Oh, me! I missed this before. I teach high school English (AP Lit, English 9 and 9 Honors, Developmental reading and writing), as well as college lit and comp. +Erin Bellavia
Hi, Kate. If a writer who teaches writing (and illustration) residencies the schools, please add my name. Thanks, Clay Carmichael
I teach Composition to college freshman and hoping to teach middle school Language Arts soon.
I teach English as a second language. Or have in the past and hope to continue next month if everything goes well in my new job, times are tough and finding good teaching positions isn't easy I'm afraid...

Do add me if you believe we'd get along and could enjoy each other's shared items. I share news and articles about teaching in general and teaching ESL, and whatever I find interesting at the moment (cute animals included!).

I'm Ana, and here's my profile:
Have been a middle school technology teacher for the past 5 years but budget cuts bring me back to the "core" classroom. This coming year I'll be teaching 8th grade English - for the first time! => +Chuck Barksdale
I'll be an English adjunct instructor at a community college this fall, teaching English Composition 101. I'm also interested in literacy, ESL, and other aspects of adult education.
Count me in. I'm a middle school teacher: grades 7 & 8 English language arts.
I'm in! Today, a new feature to share circles was launched. Anyone want to share?
I run a writing (poetry) website as a public service. It helps students create acrostic poems, mnemonics and bacronyms, write generally and has a useful part of speech function. All comments appreciated. Please do add me to this circle. Warm regards.
Please add me too. Have taught K-5, been K-12 librarian and taught ESL to all ages. Right now am a college counselor constantly plying my students with books. I also write picture and chapter books.
I'd love to be included in this fine list. I don't teach writing but I coach people who want to write, helping them overcome inner and outer obstacles to writing. It's a great complement to writing craft courses. My site is
I teach two courses at the Institute of Children's Literature.
I've taught adult ed writing courses in the past and give (unpaid) workshops at my library and at the occasional conference.
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