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The ultimate #travel guide to England - interactive map

Discover hundreds of things to see and do in #England with new searchable map from The #Guardnian.
Enjoy your motherland including great days out in the countryside and cities, taking in historic highlights, cultural masterpieces, beautiful beaches - and even the odd pub or two!
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The #London #Marathon is one of the truly captivating spring spectacles in the city - and this year is shaping up to be more exciting than ever. 

Officially, you are not encouraged to go up to Blackheath or Maze Hill stations with the participants. To a certain extent, this is sensible. The areas is always very crowded. That said, once you move up onto the expanse of Blackheath, there is enough space to soak up bystanders if you're a playing a #key supporter role. However, be warned: you are unlikely to be able to see much at the #start.
Runners will be congregating some time before the starting gun sounds, and you won't be able to enter the different zones for runners.
Start time reminder: The wheelchair race starts at 8.55am
The elite women's field: 9.15am
Elite men and mass start: 10am
Rather than heading straight back to Blackheath #station, consider a slightly longer walk (about a mile) to Lewisham, away from the route but on the DLR. Many of the other viewing points are on the same line.
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Here we show you the Samsonite 5-Piece Luggage Set. One of our best sellers!
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One thing that separates a Travel Pro from a rookie is their travel luggage. A rookie travels in style, but a Travel Pro tries to combine (Some) style with functionality. Travel pros realizes that a well packed suitcase and backpack can be the difference between making a flight or sleeping on the floor in the airport. 
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From wheelies to gadgets: Latest luggage #innovations to make travel a snap

It might be time to ditch that bulky, black #suitcase for a modern piece of #luggage that almost guarantees an easier travel experience. 
Here’s a look at just some of the newest items.

Safety First
Keep important document safe on the #road. IWallet released a new line of lightweight aluminum #wallets and passport cases that can be opened only with the swipe of your thumbprint. The cases also have GPS capabilities and protect your credit cards from being hacked while in your pocket.

Traveling to China anytime soon? ReadiMask offers paper thin, medical-grade masks that can instantly be adhered to your face to protect you from smoke or chemicals.

For those who want extra protection in a hotel room, the Door Jammer gives you a sense of security by easily adding an additional lock to any door. You just wedge the clamp underneath a closed door and it prevents it from being opened.

Comfort is Key
Many of us #travel by pulling a standard, suitcase on wheels with an extendable handle. It serves its purpose, but after a long day of pulling it around you can end up with the dreaded lock arm and shoulder pain.

Pivotal unveiled an all-new line of bags with a 360-degree handle that swivels. It allows you to bend your arm and pull or push the bag in any direction. The design is such a hit it won first place at this year’s Travel Goods Association Innovation Awards.  Not bad for a company that is brand new.

Even if you're stuck at the airport, you can catch some shut eye. Nap Anywhere released an alternative to that bulky travel pillow you can never seem to find the room for. The Nap Anywhere starts out nearly paper thin. You bend it into the shape of your neck and it supports the entire weight of your head. Ideal for napping and preventing cramped necks during a long flight.

Travel in Style
Hit the jet way in style. Fashion designer Issac Mizrahi unveiled his first line of luggage in bright patterns, metallic and bold colors.

“There are a lot of people that are sick and tired of carrying plain black, wheeled boxes around,” said Jamie Stoltz, Signal Brands associate designer. “They’re looking for something that they can express themselves, their personalities, their fashion.”

For fashion forward travelers of all ages, Cuties released a new line of animal-themed suitcases featuring built-in pillows, drink holder and lots of storage.
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If you've ever sat in a #plane on the tarmac only to have the #flight cancelled, been bumped just before boarding, or landed at your destination only to be told your luggage will arrive sometime in the next 12 hours, you know how air travel can suck. In all of those cases, the airline owes you for your trouble. Sometimes it's good customer #service, and other times it's the law. Here are some of the legal rights you may not know you have, and how to go about filing your claims or getting what's due to you if you've been wronged.
You Have the Right to Lock In Your Fare In Advance, Without PayingP

For example, most people don't know that you have the right to book airfare and then lock in the price you see for 24 hours without payment. As long as you're #booking directly through the airline (third party travel booking services don't necessarily have to abide by this rule), you can see a price you want and lock it in while you decide whether or not you want to take it. In a time where our minds are trained to assume prices change by the minute, it's a benefit few people take advantage of, and all you have to do is call your #airline to get the price locked in and reserved, without being charged for it. Here are some more tips to lock in your fare in advance.P

You Have the Right to Cash for Bumped Flights & Delayed #Luggage

Similarly, if you're bumped from a flight involuntarily, or you arrive at your destination and your luggage is delayed, you're entitled to cash, not vouchers or a discount on a future flight. 
There are similar rules for when you've been bumped from a flight, or your flight has been unexpectedly canceled. For example, the DOT says that airlines owe you cash for bumping you from an overbooked, too-full flight.
In this case, "short delays" are 1-2 hours later than your scheduled arrival for domestic flights, and 1-4 hours for international flights. "Longer delays" are more than two hours for domestic flights and more than four for international flights. For outright cancellations, the airline owes you a full #refund, even on non-refundable flights, if you choose not to fly at all. We also have some tips for handling canceled flights.P

The catch here is that most airlines will try to give you a travel voucher, or a discount on a future ticket, or try to smooth things over with a future upgrade or some frequent flier miles instead of giving you cash. If that's what you want, then take it—most airlines will at least try to get you on another flight or even another #airline if there's been an all-out cancellation—but keep in mind that you do have the right to ask for cash back instead.P

When the Department of Transportation expanded passenger rights in 2011, they added a number of additional protections for the flying public, like rules for how airlines have to handly tarmac delays, and how long an airline can keep passengers in an airplane during a delayed flight before allowing them to deboard the plane or return to the gate. The DOT Fly-Rights guide explains all of those rights (and your responsibilities), and you'll be better prepared for whatever you might encounter at the airport if you study up on them before you plan your travel.
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Travel #tip: how to safely pack wine in your #luggage

One of the many joys of #travel is the opportunity to sample new wines and bring back some bottles of the best for yourself or friends.
First things first: don't try to carry it on the plane with you.
And remember, if you're making #flight connections where you leave the "airside" (post-security) part of an airport and re-enter it for your next flight, you won't even be able to bring duty-free wine through with you when you're re-screened. (This happens, for example, when you connect from an international flight to a domestic flight at many airports.)
Once you've decided to put #wine in your luggage, there are two key things to consider: cushion the wine from the none-too-careful handling by bag handlers, and contain it in case the cushioning doesn't work and a bottle breaks.
For both, consider a special padded wine bottle-shaped wrapper, like the Wineskin.
That isn't too much to shell out if your bottle is worth a couple of hundred dollars. Once you've got the bottle in the sealed wineskin, pack it in the middle of your suitcase.
When reusing a wineskin, our top tip is to seal it with duct tape rather than relying on the original adhesive, which doesn't form as strong a seal the second time.
If you don't have a wineskin handy, your best bet is to first seal it in plastic (a couple of layers of hotel laundry bag and some duct tape from the maintenance department can work well here) and then wrap it in soft material. 
When carrying red wine, avoid wrapping it in clothes that you'd mind turning a lovely shade of Burgundy. And if you can, put all the clothes that you really care about in another suitcase or your carry-on.
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How to pack you suitcase like a pro

#luggage #suitcase   #lifehack   #travel   #tips  
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