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Casey Stickland
International Dressage Rider and Yogini
International Dressage Rider and Yogini

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Training in Black and White
When riding got really tough and slightly soul-destroying, my trainers would always tell me "if it was easy, everyone would be doing it" and it couldn't be truer. Dressage has a reputation for being complicated, sometimes too much so for some people to take...

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The Importance of Finding Your 'Why'
Top 10 placing in the Inter 1 Music at Hartpury CDI This time last year I was in full competition mode with my international horse Seigner II (Sebastian) and was representing Australia at Hartpury CDI and Hickstead CDI at small tour level. It was probably t...

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Using Shoulder-in to Develop a Better Outside Rein Contact
This week seemed to have a theme of using shoulder-in to develop an outside rein connection, both with my clients and my own horses. I always like to feel like I can use my outside rein at any time and the horse will be "there" at the end of it. I want to b...

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Strong foundations in Dressage and Yoga
When I'm not with the horses I do yoga, so today on my day off I went to an incredible workshop with a London-based yoga teacher, Adam Husler. It was one of those classes where I actually wanted to cry because everything he was saying made so much sense and...

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Demystifying the Half-Halt
One of the hardest things I ever had to learn in dressage was how to do a half-halt and use it effectively, and I don't think I'm alone on that! The half-halt seems to be somewhat of a mystery in the dressage world. When we are learning it we think "am I do...

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When to Push and When to Rest
In training when the horse isn't feeling the way we want it to, we are faced with the decision of whether to keep pushing harder to get the desired execution of an exercise/movement, or to back off and take a short walk break to reevaluate the process of wh...

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Mastering the Art of Independent Riding and Practice
A lot of riders struggle with knowing what to do when they ride by themselves at home. Some people say to make a plan before you get on and stick to it, others suggest having a set routine for every training session for consistency. Everyone will have their...

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Balance and Stability Through Grounded Feet and Strengthened Legs
I want to talk about legs, an element of the riding position that is commonly misunderstood and overlooked. There are many riders that let their feet cramp up inside their boots or let the stirrup dangle underneath their feet when they are really trying har...

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Taking Responsibility for Your Training
A great skill to have in riding, yoga, and in life generally, is the ability to take responsibility for yourself and the journey you're on. Owning a horse in itself is a huge responsibility, but how much do we truly hold ourselves accountable for what happe...

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Beginning the New Chapter and the Importance of Managing the Ego
Finally I've gotten round to writing about my new chapter - incorporating yoga with dressage training. It has taken a few months to develop this because as I went deeper into my yoga practise, a whole new world opened to me. I have spent some time on the fu...
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