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Ubuntu on a phone? 

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I decided to purchase the Roku 2 XS ($85 shipped, as a refurb 25% off,  The 2 XS adds a replay buffer, can click and go back 10 (or 30?) seconds.  And it adds USB, and an Ethernet port (rather than WiFi).

I hope to use this to view Movies/Videos from my basement Ubuntu box (running Plex MediaServer:

Note: There is a nice Plex Client for the iPad
which works quite well.

Then I will try using the Roku as a MythTV front-end:

Hopefully, it will all work ? ...

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Evaluating S3QL as an offsite backup from Ubuntu. It makes Amazon S3  look like another mounted disk, rsync works well, handles compression and encryption itself.

Purchased an HP dv6-6C14NR 15.6" laptop for the kids. It's and i5, with HD 3000 graphics. The price was good, but still a bit slow. Looking for a laptop with discrete graphics.

Should I update (early) to Ubuntu 12.04? The release date is only 4 days away? What is your experience with 12.04?

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Was looking at the new V3 iPad's. Ran the Sun Spider v0.9.1 benchmark the score was 1726 ms. Got home ran it on my iPad V1, score: 3294 ms.

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This isn't new, and I still get a giggle.

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Installed Ubuntu 11.10 on one of my RAID5 boxes and discovered that TimeMachine backups work (right out of the box)!
I used the following to configure a 1TB sparsebundle for backup (rather than the whole array!)

Also, the following tool gives real control over when TimeMachine does it's thing:

How we dealt with Facebook and our 13 year old daughter.

Created a separate Facebook login (on our Kitchen iMac) for Facebook only. Use a different browser "Opera" which defaults to This isolates the facebook "virus, trojan-horse, kudzu" from everything else and she can still collect her friends ;)

In contrast Google+ actively limits children younger than 18.
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