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Steve Meyer (Nytus)
Just another Dead Hero.
Just another Dead Hero.

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Don't mind me... just, you know, entering to win stuff. #5kby15  

It seems I haven't updated G+ in a while. I might get around to actually posting something on my own wall here, but usually I just post to the Dead Heroes or perhaps to Ingress now that I am in on the winning team's group. ^_^  

(disclaimer: the Resistance isn't winning. Though you couldn't tell that from the Falls.)

Got a PC (or Mac) with a Steam account? Portal 2 level editor came out this week, and the game is on sale right now for $6

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Apple iPad 2 Giveaway - 5 pcs - contest closes Sunday 12:00 am EST
So here is a chance for you to win an ipad 2 this christmas. This sunday we are giving away five iPad 2 to our users who are participating in this contest and are lucky to grab this apple product. People from countries that are there on world map can only participate :)

To participate in this contest, you just need to do the following 3 steps:
1. +1 our G+ page at
2. Add our page to one of your circles
3. Share this post publicly

Best luck and Merry Christmas to all our users! Santa is on the way :)

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Dear +Google ,

On behalf of the entire Internet I BEG you, please black out your logo as a "doodle" in protest of SOPA and the hearing on the 21st of December. You are one of the largest Internet companies with billions of hitts a day. What a better way to spread the word to the masses then to make sure that anyone visiting your homepage is made aware of the danger we all face.

Reshare this message. Copy-pasta. Write your own. We need exposure. There are far too many people that have no idea what #SOPA will do to the Internet.

Thank you,
The Internet

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Usually a scam or sci-fi... for once this may have some possibility of truth. If so, Epic!

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Epic. I can not wait for 2015!
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