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For those of you who don't already know ~ I have started a social club called Carolina Angel. This is a social club, with hopes that through our social network we can "create Unity, Peace, Love & Friendship along the Grand Strand"(our motto).
our site is
we have a cafe press store at
You do not have to live in the Carolinas to be apart of Carolina Angel, in fact we hope that you will begin a chapter in your own home town or state.
We have adopted the UPLIFT as our mini slogan.
Unity,Peace & Love In Friendship Today!
The dynamics of our group centers aroung Fun Raising as well as Fund Raising. We feel a need to stand up against bullying & discrimination, so that all people can live without fear or hate. Please take a moment to check us out and consider standing with us, as we all know there is strength in numbers. United we can work toward UPLIFTing those around us in need.
Thanks, Katrina

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This is the logo for Carolina Angel ~~ a social club that is working to create unity,peace,love and friendship along the Grand Strand

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I think that there is something wrong when a 51 yr old forgets their multiplication tables or loses their train of though after being 5 words into a sentence

A mind is a terrible thing......wait, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. :oP
Story of my life in a nutshell!

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Totally wishing that life didn't suck sometimes. I am so tired of the same ole depressing days. It seems like there are moments of light at the end of the tunnel only to have someone cap off the tunnel. I was not feeling prepared about retaking my math test today, but really wasnt ready to be told that its going to be probably another week before I can take it. I just feel like no matter what I do I'm screwed. Why bother getting out of bed at all anymore. Just to fill out applications that arent' going to get me a job. And study for a test that I'm not going to pass. Somedays I just want to take a long walk off a short pier or roll over and cover my head with the blanket. Only have one bright spot in my life right now, my sweetheart. Who puts up with me and my moods and does everything that he can to make things better. Even if it's just to hold me while I cry....I love him so much!

I'm having a tough day today. I think that I am going to start keeping a journal & write down how I'm feeling each day, because I don't know how to explain it all when I go in to see the doctor. Today I have so much pain in my right arm, it feels like the actual bone in my lower arm aches,all the joint in my hand and my shoulder ache so badly that it woke me up the this morning. Yesterday just my right index finger ached, but that usually happens anytime their is rain. Two days ago I kept getting a pain in my mid shin of my right leg. I took a shower this morning and I got this strange sensation in the palm of my hand whenever the water touched it, even though the water was pretty warm it wasn't scalding but that's how it felt, on the other hand the water felt just fine. It's so strange. And here I am looking for work, how am I going to work with these aches and pains that I don't even understand what causes them.
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