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Google Analytics Set-up Checklist for Ecommerce
/by +Practical Ecommerce  #analytics   #ecommerce  

"(These) steps allow tracking of the essential metrics for an ecommerce website. After tracking has been verified, you can move into the setup of more advanced tracking, like events, dashboards, custom dimensions and metrics, enhanced ecommerce, user ID, and so on."

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Calculating Landing Page ROI With Google Analytics
/by +Formstack #analytics   #marketing  

"Calculating the return on investment of your landing page can improve lead quality, help you understand visitor behavior, and convert as many customers as possible."

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Good chance of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) being visible in the Northeast US tonight. 

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WASP.crawler v0.4

Early public beta of our new WASP crawler now available!

» This beta version focus on the crawler functionality and Tableau Reader output reporting & visualization
•  Simple crawler interface on the surface, powerful data collection behind the hood!
•  Tableau Reader report provides amazing slicing & dicing capabilities at scale - and analysts should get familiar with it if they aren't already

» Getting started
• The WASP.crawler is a Chrome Application – to get started once installed, click on the “Apps” in your bookmark.

» Requirements
• Please note WASP hook up deep into Chrome and requires Chrome version 26.x or later
• A Google account is required to run WASP.crawler
• Tableau Reader v8.2 for Windows or Mac is required to read the results of a crawl

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Have web and mobile views under one property in #GoogleAnalytics?   You'll want to read this.

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New post.  You might be surprised to see a drop in pageviews once you enable the User ID feature in GA via Google Tag Manager.  I explain the workaround.
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