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Supporting Individual Liberty and the Constitution
Supporting Individual Liberty and the Constitution

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Chesterfield Tea Party Members Choose a Tie Between Darrell Castle and Gary Johnson for 2016 Presidential Candidates
The Chesterfield Tea Party Members have voted for their choices for president. The vote ended in a tie between  Darrell Castle and Gary Johnson  (Pictured and listed alphabetically)  with 20% voting for 'None of the Above'. There were no votes for Hillary C...

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Kirby Harris Endorses Carl Loser for the 10th District State Senate Seat
Glen Sturtevant cowers and sides with the gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and Dan Gecker. Sturtevant quote:    " We must enforce our strong federal and state gun laws"      Dan Gecker, in addition to being a gun grabber, is tax raising leftist, who rais...

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