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SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Linie/Kakao, oder benutzen Sie alle mögliche Android apps auf Win/Mac mit #AirDroid3:
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Hi guys,

i've started to migrate my webdav extension to the CMS 6.x branch and i'd like to get some feedback.

What it does:
provide webdav access to your TYPO3 CMS installation also piping FAL storages (local and remote as API is used)

What i need:
testers providing valuable feedback, if the extension is working, and if there are problems.

Known problems:
moving files between storages is not supported.

Where to get it:

Please post problems / issues / features in the issue section on github.

Thank you for participating

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Hello guys,

shortly before the workshop, we decided to do it completly open and do not use any slides.

Therefore i try to sumup the most important parts a bit:

1. There is a vagrant box, now running with 6.2.4-dev
2. Themes ships new BE Module for editing constants
3. We optimized Usability within the Backend with some colors
4. The Pagetree indicates, if there is a template on a site
5. Theme selection is possible in the sys_template record

Still to do:
1. Allow switching of the theme in the backend module
2. Improve theme_bootstrap as a base

1. EXT:theme_bootstrap slate

Last but not least i want to announce, that the bootstrap based introduction package is also installable as a theme, while it may not be 100% compatible to themes_gridelements switch in some edgecases.

Hope you enjoyed the Workshops
Have Fun

PS: Preparing T3DUST Week (TYPO3 Distributions, Usability Solutions and Themes), we will release some screens of Backend improvements soon (won't be integrated into themes, but perhaps in the core CMS) ...

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There was some big progress in ext:THEMES, you will get more insights at the #T3DD in Einhoven, everyone not there can take a look into the slides soon.

Checkout the latest version with our Vagrant Box on github.

But be aware, that this is still a DEV Build!

+ben van 't ende there is a membership request from +Axon Communications do you know who this is? Google shows it as a location and I'm unsure, if I should let them in or not ;)

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