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IOC deal for Brazilian residents like Maria da Penha Macena:
rubber bullets, beatings and loss of homes for 17 days of Olympic Games.
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Advanced Retirement List for Katrin Göring-Eckardt

Last night the leader of Green Party Katrin Göring-Eckardt
came into my dreams.

I said: "Katrin, what`s up".

She said: "Enough is enough,
I want to clean up the mess."

I said: "Hm, hm, pretty tough plan,
lousy crowds don`t want to retire that quickly
that`s what makes them so lousy actually.
But you`re lucky, while brushing the teeth I just made a list, let`s see ...

The list reads:
... German Politicians To Be Retired Immediately ...
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Brexit, an Exit or an Init ?

Last night Mr Yay and Mrs Nay Brexit
came into my dreams
and moaned about a gash within their family members.

“We do agree on the jam for the bread
but in regard to stay or leave the EU,
we are half in and half out”.

I said: “maybe Brexit is not the core question,
maybe the basic question is, will a Brexit be an exit or an init ?”.

“Hu ?” Mr and Mrs Brexit bursted out uniformly,
“can you explain ?”.

“Alright” I said, “let`s look into it, shall we ?”
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Heroes of 2015, an End-Of-Year Review

My first hero or better heroine is chancellor Angelika Merkel.
She demonstrates in an excellent way one does not need any kind of intelligence to become a successful politician.
Let`s say just clever enough, shifty enough to do a blowjob to the public at the right time.

A little instinct on how to steal and adopt core themes of political opponents
and to sell them hypocritically enough to anytime become ennobled in the public.

A little knowledge on how to eleminate autonomous party members
and to replace them with spineless sycophants to pretend homogeneity of the party.

In many ways she has shown what egoism is and how it works.
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A Greek`s Stay

Last night a Greek came into my dreams,
with a taunting facial expression he said:
“Jiá su, can you tell me whats up with your German government ?
Why do they suffuse us
with such a hazardous frugal policy ?”
“You see”, I replied,
“there is no difference
between the way the German government treat Greece
and the way they treat the German population.”
“What ?” he asked smitten with surprise.
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Kiss goodbye to a beautiful flower, Tugce passed away
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Charity Auction 2014

The 2nd hand auction for audio production tools started now
and ends on October 31st Central European Time (CET).

All income goes to the "Save the Children's Emergency Fund",
qualified and organized by Lufrum and Elassi.
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The latest trick of our Nigeria-ish scammers:
before they start their common "I saw your profile picture and want to get in contact with you ..." yada yada,
they now try to get you into a conversation by sending harmless messages like
"I`d love to become friend with you" and so on.

Tell them to do a friend request, nothing more and do not reply to any other given mail address,
they are trained to squeeze what they think is your best: your money ...
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Musician and out of money ? Take a carrot and there you go !

Carrot clarinet: Linsey Pollak at TEDxSydney 2014
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The first cyborg having colors translated into tone

Neil Harbisson: I listen to color
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