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Patrick Larkin
Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Burlington Public Schools, Burlington, MA
Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Burlington Public Schools, Burlington, MA

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Day 160 - Reading Around The Room - Lauren Kippenberger - Memorial Grade 3
This post first appeared on Mrs. Kippenberger's Blog This morning we were reading around the room! The students are very excited that we have begun to read  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  by Roald Dahl. As students are reading they are answering compre...

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Day 159 - Shadow Math - Mrs. Tate - MSMS Math Dept.
This post first appeared on Mrs. Tate's Blog We have been taking advantage of this beautiful weather by doing our math lessons outdoors.  This past week sixth grade students learned how to set up proportions from similar triangles.  In order to set up our p...

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Day 158 - Non-Fiction Inform Writing about the Weather! - Mrs. Parnell - Pine Glen Kindergarten
This post first appeared on Mrs. Parnell's Blog The Kindergartners have been learning about the weather all year long. Last week we completed our cumulative project. The students created an instruct, procedural poster- an invitation through the Explorations...

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Day 157 - The Reservoir - Mrs. Cyr - Memorial School Grade 3
This post originally appeared on Mrs. Cyr's Blog   We had a great day at the Mill Pond Reservoir today! Thanks to Mr. M., Ms. P. and Mrs. H. for teaching us all about the FIELD, FOREST and VERNAL POOL! It sure was hot but we made it! ;)

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Day 156 - To be an Idol, you can’t Idle - Jason Biundo and Azam Baig - BHS Seniors
This post first appeared on Dr. Conti's blog State Law Mandates No Idling on School Grounds photo via: Global warming. Air Pollution. Smog. These are topics that make the news every single day. But did you know that limi...

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Day 155 - 7th Grade students show off their talent and skill - Ms. Phillips - MSMS Art
This post first appeared on Ms. Phillips' Blog Students have been working diligently on creating a self-portrait pencil drawing over the past 4 weeks. They are applying their knowledge of composition, proportion and value to their work. Every student has pr...

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Day 154 - Explain Everything Animation Lesson from Grade 6 Student - Linda O'Leary - MSMS Instructional Technology Specialist
This post first appeared on the BPS EdTech Blog Marshall Simonds Middle School grade 6 student Nicholas assumed the role of Assistant Technology Integration Teacher to share his knowledge of animation with his 6th-grade classmates. Nicholas provided a great...

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Day 153 - Magnet Show with Mr. Musselman - Mrs. Marsh - Francis Wyman Kindergarten
This post first appeared on Mrs. Marsh's Blog Last week, Mr. Musselman from the Science Center came in and talked to us about magnets! Discussing the poles of a magnet. Fishing for things that are attracted to magnets.  Learning about an electromagnet- and ...

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Day 152 - Community Helpers Keep Us Safe! - Mrs. Hoyt - Pine Glen Kindergarten
This post first appeared on Mrs. Hoyt's Blog  We have learned over the course of the week about the different roles of community helpers.  One common theme is they help to take care of us and keep us safe.  Our visit with Officer Sheppard of the Burlington ...

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BPS Blog Day 151 - 10 Takeaways of Education in America vs Italy - Mr. Mistler - BHS Art Dept.
This post first appeared on Mr. Mistler's Blog Here I am in Verona, the city of love! Cles was the village that I stayed in Here I am with Luisa and Letizia after our leisurely lunch at Giardino  This year I was lucky enough to be chosen for the annual BHS ...
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