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11 Photos That Prove Taylor Swift Is Basically A Victoria’s Secret Model Now
She's already an angel

by emilee lindner 
With Taylor Swift on the cover of every magazine known to man this year, the 1989 singer is going full-force into model mode. And now, with her second stint performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday night, we have more proof than ever that Tay is basically an honorary VS Angel. Here’s why:

1. She has a deep appreciation for beauty (specifically Lily Aldridge’s)

2. She has the hand-on-hip thing down pretty well.

3. She gets front and center in a group photo

4. LEG.

5. More leg.

6. She’s got that lingerie

7. And that smolder

8. Now turn

9. Again!

10. Her best friend is a model and everyone knows it.

11. C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T that’s me. I’m confident.

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