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Just out of curiosity, why are you people following me? (I mean, aside from those I actually know.) Because this message right here is the first one I've posted publicly. Maybe I'm just far more scintillating in my silence than I realized?
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Google suggested you, and I think. And we liked the IDEA of you Google Plussing.
Dammit, now that you have posted, we all have to un-circle you. My goal was to have people in circles who didn't post so that i wouldn't have to spend the whole day reading my stream
Mac World- Figured when you do start talking it would be worth hearing. And the Red Sox cap. Mostly the Red Sox.
S. Go
I follow you on Twitter, so I follow you here. I don't notice who doesn't post anything, because I've got many people in my circles.
Remember that silver car you parked next to a couple of months? That was mine. I followed you because I wanted to get you to pay for the massive door ding you gave me.
For your occasional pearls of wisdom. I too follow you on Twitter, so it was almost automatic that I follow you here.
Serious boring answer: I've long enjoyed your writing on Macworld and followed you on Twitter. It was a natural extension to encircle you here too.
I have no idea who you are. I auto-follow everyone, then de-circle people if they're boring. :)
Let's all follow each other and see whose posts suck the most.
I'm glad I stuck around following you all this time - it was worth it!
Your signal/noise ratio is infinitely good. Well, it was until this post...
I follow you on twitter and was thinking that G+ may allow you to elaborate on some of your twitter posts.
You drop your wallet a few blocks back, I've been trying to return it to you ever since.
I've been asking the same question lately. I think it's just the Twitter Popularity Contest Syndrome (TPCS): people follow you so you follow back so they can build follower count and be "popular." I sure wish people would grow up and use social networking in more mature and interesting ways. I thought Google+ would be different; it's not.
+Maria Langer This is my first social network. I'm just trying to find interesting people. I do de-circle people.
I've actually stopped "circling" people I don't know who are following me for reasons I can't comprehend. It's all game and it's become very tedious.
I'm following you because I love all the MacWorld pundit showdown stuff and assume you'll post interesting Mac stuff!
I wonder the exactly same thing. Random people follow me and then I notice they also follow some friends. But they don't know who the person is, either. How bizarre =P
When I first got on Google+ I went on a circling spree. You showed up somewhere as a suggestion or maybe in somebody else's circles and the Macworld connection seemed interesting. Since you never posted I forgot that ever happened until just now.
Been hoping to find some quality Apple content, news and commentary. G+ is great but very android centric (to be expected I s'pose). Any suggestions for people to follow for all things Apple?
We'r waiting for you to start posting some cool stuff. :-)
I added you because you copied my Twitter picture. (;
I type MacWorld into and your name showed up on the side. It is cool how Google integrates it's products with Google+.
A friend forwarded a Macworld newsletter and I saw your google+ icon. I added you to my tech circle.
You just showed me how to enter a recurring first Tuesday meeting in my iPhone. Thanks!
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