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Kevin Jurewicz
Super geek who likes the idea of hunting the supernatural and being geeky
Super geek who likes the idea of hunting the supernatural and being geeky
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dude... I know I've posted about Zeal & Ardor before but they put a stream up of the debut album for a limited time, just listen. If you likie the metalie than just press playie

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RIP One Brick Down from Clifton, NJ... not enough metal bands in NJ anymore...

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some new Motionless In White because of course new Motionless In White

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for the Rick & Morty fans... this song played at the end of the episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation" is fucking crushing.

so I decided to think about doing a diet change. The one that seems to fit my "sedentary" lifestyle of sitting in front of a computer all day for work and then sitting on a couch all night playing games or watching movies, is a 5/2 diet of lowering my overall intake and eating that five days a week and having 2 days a week that are on a much more decreased intake. Did some reading and found that if I want to lose weight with my lazy shit lifestyle it comes down to the food I put in and I should be doing about 1600 calories a day, and on the 2 "fasting" days have about 600 calories.
To try out if I can have a day of much less food (before I even start trying to calorie count) I ate normally Monday and Tuesday, ate less Wednesday and back to normal today. I can do that. Then just to see how I'd have to cut back I took a look at my calorie intake at lunch today... 1700, which would be more than what I should be doing in a whole day. So I'll have to cut my meals in half basically.
Well, lets see where this goes....

so the country is in a weird place right now... well its been in a weird place since say August. I have friends and family on both sides of political arguments and it seems like you aren't allowed to say "thats okay, you both have valid points" because one or both sides will argue that the other is totally incorrect. And that dear people is how you end up with a divide. The inability to accept that more than one view is correct. The way I look at things is from the middle, I hear what one side says, I hear what the other says and then I look at it from a really high level. Looking at a situation from a 1000 feet up is difficult and it means putting down all your bullshit and looking at the world without blinders .. without filters or lenses. Look at the way it is instead of the way someone else is telling you it is. When you see it and you come back down you can look at all the arguments going on and have your own opinion on the matter. Not what TV is telling you, or one particular organization over another, not what Facebook or Twitter say. Make an informed opinion. And the next time I hear someone say "no thats fake news" I'm going to beat them to death with their own mother fucking shoes, resuscitate them and beat them to death again so they get the fucking message. #wakethefuckup

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for fans of the Pixel commercial:

I took a Japanese Fiction & Film class a lifetime ago in college. One of the sayings that came up was something that stuck with me for years. In that post WW2 Japanese rebuilding culture and probably before that, they would say "the nail that stands up will get pounded down." or something to that effect. That was something not specific to the Japanese culture, many had that ideal. Germany for one, to less than stellar results. But its something that even though we dont all go about our days the same those of us who popped out a little bit would be knocked back into line pretty quickly. With social media running totally wild in the last year or so every nail seems to have stood up and the hammer got lost when we moved, I swear it was on the shelf in the basement....
What I'm getting at is I think one of the problems with society, as a whole, is that people tend to just say shit. Whatever they want. If they say it loud enough someone will notice and reply with their own 2 cents. Where it used to be parents smacking us upside the head and saying "knock it off" now they're replying to facebook posts and tweets too. I'm not calling for a move to a simpler ideal, but a more conscious handling of ourselves. We dont so much need a hammer to pound us down, but every so often I think we need to just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up as Dr. Dennis Leary prescribed back in the day. The soapbox will be there tomorrow, go get a cup of coffee and leave some shit alone for a bit. You'll probably feel better about things when you get back. 
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