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Catherine Lane
I pick up a lot of dog poo and make miniature felted animals
I pick up a lot of dog poo and make miniature felted animals

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Needle Felting Kit Moongazing hare for Beginners to needle felting
My new needle felting kits are ready! So if you would like to learn how
to needle felt, and you want to make a little moon gazing hare, the kits
are in my Etsy shop here: Needle Felting Moongazing Hare Beginners Kit by Mrs Plop's Shoppe Remember you get a...

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Mother & Child Mouse Illustration Nursery Art
I've been working on illustrations this week, and I'm pleased with how this one turned out. I'm known predominantly for my needle felting but I also spend a lot of time on painting and illustrations. As I find mice so incredibly cute, I'm planning many more...

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How to make a needle felted mouse tutorial PDF Instant Download DIY craft tutorial
My needle felting mouse tutorial is now available as a PDF - that stands for Plop Document Format ;) in case you were wondering. My friends, the fabulous fibre gurus, Lyn & Annie, at Rosiepink suggested to me ages ago that I should do this! But I've been so...

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We Do!! Squeak!! Handmade Needle Felted Mice Wedding Cake Toppers Bride & Groom Mouse
We're getting married in the morning! :D Ding dong the bells are gonna chime! I had great fun making these two little wedding cake topper mice. And until they've been sold, they're a lot of fun to have around. They're on our dresser and they now have lots o...

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A new product line for Mrs Plop's Shoppe - Country Chic Hand Painted Hare Cushion With Ticking Fabric
Ok, I know it's not felting, but Mr Plop and I are very proud of our new product line. This is hand-painted by myself, not printed, so each one is completely unique and one of a kind. When I finish the painting part, it's over to Mr Plop who does the sewing...

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Miniature Felted Mouse, Miniature Painted Bird
This week I made another tiny needle felted harvest mouse who I named Maggie. I made her dress out of antique lace and I had some vintage 1920s sequins trim that I attached for her tiara. Here is the reason she is named Maggie.... When harvest time is over,...

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Lottie The Needle Felted Lavender Healing Mouse
I'm supposed to be rubbish at knitting! It says so, right here at the top of my blog. But looook! I made a little knitted scarf. And not only that, it doesn't have any holes in it, it didn't start narrow and end up widening out, it's the same width all the ...

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Beatrice The Little Ballerina Mouse
Meet needle felted little Beatrice ballerina mouse. She found this
beautiful pink tulle tutu that her Aunty Linda at Fluffy Cloud Creations made. And now she's taking ballet lessons. She tells
everyone she meets that she's going to be a famous ballerina o...

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Mrs Plop's Original Needle Felted Wilfred Bear-now on Ebay
I've just listed my needle felted teddy bear on Ebay, or as we Plops
call it - Ebong. So if you like bidding and you want an original Mrs
Plop's the linky tink :) Wilfred Miniature Needle Felted Bear By Mrs Plop Auction ends July 24th 2015 a...

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Needle Felted White Mouse With Her Own Tiny Vintage Pearl Necklace Yellow Shawl & Yellow Pansy Flower
This little needle felted white mouse has got all dressed up for a warm
summer's evening out with the girls :) She is wearing her favourite
vintage pearl necklace, with her yellow shawl and she has picked a
yellow pansy flower to clip to her fur. She has...
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