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Eyebrow Microblading & Permanent Makeup in Orange County California. Visit for more information
Eyebrow Microblading & Permanent Makeup in Orange County California. Visit for more information

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There are many differences between a man and a woman. One of the most obvious and noticeable is the presence of man’s facial hair. This is one external characteristic that is immediately obvious. At Elegant Looks, we offer a unique intensive electrolysis program for the removal of facial hair. In a six months timeframe, you can get rid of a beard shadow.

What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is a form of permanent hair removal treatment which is suitable and apt for hair of all types, particularly grey, white, red and blonde hairs. Electrolysis works by removing individual hairs from the body and face through the use of a probe which distributes energy and heat to the root of the hair. The electrolysis treatment is very effective as it destroys the root of the hair to give a permanent result.
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One of the major areas where Merry specializes in is in Powder Eyebrow tattoo. Eyebrow plays a significant role in your overall facial features. They can help to accentuate your eyes and shape your entire face. The shape of the eyebrow, its color, and texture all form part of how our eyebrow looks and define our eyes. In a lot of cases people are oftentimes dissatisfied with the way their eyebrows appear, this could be due to natural sparseness, thinning out due to over-plucking or because of some form of disease. This is where Merry comes into the picture.

She would present to you several options that are available in cases where your eyebrow do not flatten on your face as well as they should. If you are still not sure that you need a Powder eyebrow tattoo, then below are some of the most obvious benefits of this procedure;
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Permanent eyeliner, lip liner, beauty mark

It is every woman’s dream to look amazing and have full, attractive lips. A few women naturally have beauty spot, others, unfortunately, do not have and this often makes them feel depressed. There is, however, no need to worry, Merry is capable enough and willing to fulfill all of your beauty dreams with the help of permanent lip liner, eyeliner and beauty spot. In order to achieve beautiful lip contour, there are several possibilities that are offered through beautiful lip contour that can help enhance your look.
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One of the questions people often ask is if Microblading can be used for men. The answer to this question according to Merry is Yes. Although Microblading is a relatively new trend, it can be used by both male and females. The loss of definition in the brow is not peculiar to women. Men, just like women, can lose hair definition over time. They can also develop lightness, thinning or hair loss.
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