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An update on my new venture

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Happy New Year to everyone! This is how my new year starts :)

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The Xtext Grammar Learned New Tricks
Since the Xtext 2.9 release is around the corner - and you've for sure read about the upcoming support for IntelliJ IDEA or Xtext editors in the browser -, it's time to unveil some of the new features of the Xtext grammar language itself. Generally speaking...

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The really idiomatic way would be the following one liner:  

val sortedFavs = albums.filter[tracks.exists[rating >= 4]].sortBy[name]

With 71 characters that is a third of the size of the Java8 version.
How does Xtend compare to +Java 8?

This question pops up from time to time. Most people forget that Xtend has many more features than just lambdas. But even if we just look at lambdas, the conciseness and clean syntax of #Xtend  is obvious.

Here are two screenshot from our freshly made +IntelliJ IDEA plugin.

The first picture shows both languages using the very same API (Java8 stream API that is). The second shows a comparison using the language's idiomatic style.

You can see that the Xtend version is much shorter and at the same time doesn't lack any important information. It just leaves out ceremony and focusses on the necessary. That's how it should be.

The Numbers:
 - Java : 205 characters
 - Xtend Stream API : 164 characters
 - Xtend idiomatic : 105 characters
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Yay, cool new feature in
FXDiagram - Diagram Repair
FXDiagram allows the user to choose which elements appear in a diagram and to arrange them individually. As this usually involves quite a bit of work diagrams can be saved. An obvious challenge is how to deal with model changes that happen after a diagram h...

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An Introduction to #Xtext  I gave this week at #JavaZone  in Oslo.

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Jetzt ist die perfekte Zeit, sich Xtext-Skills anzueignen - und wir haben genau den Workshop dazu! Alle Teilnehmer werden am Ende des dreitägigen Kurses DSLs mit Xtext implementieren können. Vorkenntnisse nicht benötigt. Alle Infos nach dem Klick!

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We finally came around to schedule some #Xtext trainings.

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My talk "Diagrams, Xtext and UX" at EclipseCon NA 2015 is now online.
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