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The word that we speak
is the law of our lives, and nothing hinders its operation but ourselves.   We may use this creative word for whatever
purpose we desire, and this word becomes the law unto the thing for which it
was spoken.   –Ernest Holmes I
desire ...

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How much can one
demonstrate?   Just what one can
believe.   How much can we see, how much
can we accept, how much can we find in our consciousness that is no longer
repudiated by our denials?   Whatever that
is, THAT MUCH WE CAN HAVE. Ernest Holmes I

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Man will deliver
himself from sickness and trouble in exact proportion to his discovery of
himself and his true relationship to the whole. –Ernest Holmes When
I am working on a commission art quilt for someone and together we agree on a
date of completion; ...

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  Anyone can heal who
believes that he can and who will take the time to set that belief in motion
through the Law.   To daily see the
perfect man, and to daily declare for his objective appearance, is correct mental
practice and will heal.   –Ernest Holmes...

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The all-powerful Mind
of the Indwelling Christ in me dissolves and dissipates from my mind all belief
in indecision, anxiety, depression and discouragement, for I dwell in the realm
of peace.   --Ernest Holmes In
order to move on, I consider each item and I...

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If we have the mental
equivalent of a commodious home, roomy, light, cheery, and an income in keeping
with it; if we are able to build in mind the kind of home we wish, and there is
nothing in our subjective thought which denies this, then we shall be able ...

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The Christ triumphs
over death and the grave breaking through the tomb of human limitation into the
dawn of eternal expansion.   –Ernest
Holmes Dawn
is the beginning of the day.   The sun is
coming up and warming our part of the planet.   When a new idea da...

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Behind the individual
is the Universal, which has no limits.   In this concept alone lies the possibility of eternal and endless
expansion.   Everyone is Universal on the
subjective side of life, and individual only at the point of conscious
perception.   T...

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Within us, then, there
is a creative field, which we call the subjective mind; around us there is a
creative field which we call Subjective.   One is universal and the other is individual. But in reality, they are
one.   There is one mental Law in the

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God’s Creative Power
of Mind is right here.   We have as much
of this power as we believe in and embody.   –Ernest Holmes I
have the courage to express and share my creativity.   I listen to my inner voice and I proceed to
move forward, one moment at a time...
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