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Jacob Huempfner
20-year-old computer programmer and video game designer
20-year-old computer programmer and video game designer

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Thank you for providing the new 2.1.0 beta, it looks really awesome! However, I've been having issues with playlists in this new beta. My playlists that I created in a previous version of VLC have disappeared, and new playlists I create either don't appear or cause VLC to crash upon creation.

I'll provide more details a bit later on today or tomorrow.

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This is just adorable~!

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As I was opening a spreadsheet in Excel, this screen appeared. I don't know what it's for... am I actually supposed to be seeing this screen for any reason?

Congratulations on a 2.0 release, VLC! :D I'm happy you guys took your time to share your revisions and test builds with us, and allow us to offer suggestions and corrections for this release. I think it's really exciting that we, even though we're not neck-deep in the code-base, got to do at least something to help improve VLC for the future. I use VLC almost exclusively for my media needs, regardless of the platform I'm on, and I'm really happy that the general public will get to enjoy a lot of the new features we beta testers got to enjoy for a while. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this, and for continuing to develop this awesome app!

Hey, just to let you know, you still have that "VLC for Android beta" app on Google Play Store, and people do seem to be actively using it still, based upon the fact that reviews are still being posted about it there. It's a notably old version, if the images in the store are of any indication.

I dunno what you guys plan to do with that app or anything, but I thought I'd let you know about it in case you had forgotten or something.

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Hey there! If anyone's interested, I uploaded a video of that McDonald's anime commercial, with English subtitles! I'm still learning my Japanese, so if there's any suggestions to improve the subtitles, let me know!

Question/Request: the "Advanced Options" window that appears while you're in the "Now Playing" view... Can you either put text labels back into it, or make an option for that? Or, at the very least, display a small popup (toast-type thing) when you long-press an icon to get what it does?

I've been following VLC for Android for a long while, and so I probably feel more confident than most as to what the icons mean, but even so, I still feel slightly unsure of what option I'm selecting, because there aren't any text labels (or any way to long-press the icons and get a description) to actually state what the items are/do. For a brand new user, it's probably even more confusing to them.

I can understand that you wanna make it look attractive and not make the window take up too much space. However, not knowing what a button's icon is until after you commit to pressing the button is going to hinder the helpfulness of the functions.

Anyway, that's my spiel. I love the app overall; it's been really cool to watch it go from a basic (and sometimes buggy) audio/video playing app to becoming a full blown media playing experience. I generally like you guys's design and UI decisions, but I felt this was one that deserved another look. Thanks!

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Hey there! I actually forgot I was a part of this tester group, oops! Anyway, so this is something that I've noticed on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5).

I feel the image is pretty self-explanatory, but just to drive the point home: there's multiple "N" headers when there should only be one. The playlists include both playlists I've saved within the VLC app itself, and M3U files stored in the base directory of my SD card.

I tested this in the latest nightly there too, and it still appears. I feel it has something to do with adding the M3U files to the list here. Anyway, just wanted to post about it in case you didn't know.

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VLC doesn't seem to be able to open directories. Doesn't work with internal memory or SD card.

VLC will open a file if it's in the base directory, but trying to open a subdirectory just gives me a message saying VLC can't play this file.

This is version 1.6.91 on a Samsung Galaxy S5.
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