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Brexit and the arts: reflections on a BBC Radio 3 discussion
Listening to BBC Radio 3’s Music Matters programme the
other day, I was struck by a discussion they had about Brexit and the arts –
and thought it was worth breaking off from my book-writing to reflect on it a
little. The discussion illustrated once more th...

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Blue Labour Manchester – of friendship and goodwill
One of the guiding forces behind Blue Labour is the
attempt to give political value to those crucial, important, simple things that
get lost in the manically utilitarian mainstream of our politics – those connections
of friendship, community and, yes, love ...

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Liberalism isn't the problem, progressivism is
Liberals and liberalism are being given a hard time in the wake of Donald Trump's victory and Britain's Leave vote in the EU referendum. But is it really liberalism and the liberal outlook which is at stake here and which really stands accused? I am not so ...

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On post-referendum regret
I was a Leave voter, and I won. However, since that heady
early morning of 24 rd June when David Dimbleby announced that Britain was leaving the European Union, reality has dawned. The £ has fallen sharply; bankers and business groups have
despaired and thr...

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Why Islamists and feminists avoid confronting each other
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of our system of
diversity is the way feminists and Islamists avoid directly confronting each
other. Their ideologies are utterly opposed to each other, but within the
system they are allies, so maintain distance and attac...

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My politics in music (a Blue ex-Labour playlist)
Music is an important part of my life and an important part of my politics too. Detaching from the political world is a political act after all. But good music also has magical qualities which can inspire and lead us into seeing connections and aspects of l...

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I have left the Labour Party - a few words
I left the Labour Party this morning. I won’t go on for ages about why because I don’t want this blog to be about me, but I will say a few words. Firstly, people who have read some of my witterings on here will be aware that I’ve always been critical of the...

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René Cuperus on 'the populist revolt against cosmopolitanism'
In 2011, the
Dutch writer René Cuperus wrote a chapter on 'the populist revolt against
cosmopolitanism' for a Policy Network pamphlet ‘Exploring the cultural
challenges to social democracy’. I think most readers will agree that the class
divide he identifie...

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This House Believes We Should Leave the European Union - LSE debate speech
Speech at the London School of Economics Forum for Philosophy debate , 27th April 2016. I was proposing the motion alongside Dr Gerard Lyons  (economic adviser to the Mayor of London), with journalist Hugo Dixon and
Professor of Political Theory Katrin Flik...
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