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May we create a universe? No? A pocket universe? That's what we do!
May we create a universe? No? A pocket universe? That's what we do!


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Ostrich Island got in-game level editor in v1.60 Create! Play! Share!
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Illusion of Beast (WIP)
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Added company logo
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New version of Ostrich Island released for Windows/Mac and finally Linux!
What's new in v1.06:

* Added the 6th island, "Silent Krill". Hidden, you should solve the mistery on Island 5 to discover the "Silent Krill" location.
* Linux version is available for download!
* Hardware requirements has been lowered due to optimization.
* Added lots of new sound FXs.
* New setting: Invert the y-axis of the mouse.
* New Key binding: Hide. Allows Ostrich to burrow its head into the sand.
* Kick animation was made quicker.
* Several small gameplay improvements and bug fixes.
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GodIsAGeek: "...the whole game is presented in an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and actually makes you want to stay on the island at times, instead of escaping."
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Wonderful review by
"Peaking Out Of The Sand ‘Ostrich Island’ Shows A Beautifully Crafted World To Explore"
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Turkey and Philippines joined Ostrich Island egg race for the excellence. 
Turkey is ranked #8 at the moment and Philippines is on #21 position in our Country Leader Board.
Now 104 players from 26 different countries trying to keep alive their internal ostriches.
Haven't played yet? Join the company here:

Top 10 countries:
1 Russian Federation 12484
2 Sweden 9695
3 Argentina 8504
4 Belarus 8128
5 Uruguay 8022
6 Hungary 7929
7 Czech Republic 7767
8 Turkey 7560
9 Finland 6089
10 Denmark 6017

Top 10 players:
1 Natalia Smirnova 24077
2 GuestMeNot 24052
3 Sicamore 18652
4 Yaroslav Bakh 16746
5 Bender 16692
6 Guest145 14634
7 Albatros 13906
8 Caster 11966
9 Guest343 11549
10 Fernando Gabriel Caceres Pegoraro 11193
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Version 1.04 of #ostrichisland  released! What's new:

+ Added collectibles! Each island now has at least one hidden statuette to collect + something else! When discovered - they will be available for you in the Nest.
+ The Nest! This is the mother island of Ostrich which is always accessible for you from the main menu. It is quite empty at the beginning of your game, but then the all collectibles you discover in your tropical journey will find the place on this beautiful island.
+ Now you can ram amphorae and other small objects when Fast Walker ability is active.
+ New interactive objects: levers, drawbridges and malfunctioning portal on 4th island that need to be fixed in order to reach the treasure.
+ New bonuses added: "Double Egg" and "Triple Egg Chain". Try to pickup eggs as fast as possible to receive a bonus score. It is easy when "Fast Walker" ability is active or if you already have "Sprinter" passive skill (acquired when your ostrich reaches the level 11.)
+ New handy info on the map and on the result screen helps you to identify if you miss some stuff on the island.
+ Kick and Jump commands responsibility problem was fixed.
+ Other fixes

Web site changes
+ Added top 100 players to the web site.
+ Full version now available for download (Beta)
+ Price increased to 5 euro.
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