John De Lancie can sing pretty well!
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1st COMMENT! WOO! anyway, seen it, and it's awesome!
Think they'll give Discord a song in Season 4?
It's a studio microphone with a heart.
I'm enjoying john de lancies contribution to series as dischord.(was a fan of the Q episodes on star trek next gen) ^_^
"Forgetting somepony?"

The way she darkly intoned that, I thought Tara was about to wear John's skin.
Notice they referenced the "plot" joke.  :)
I first liked John De Lancie back when he played Eugene on  Days of our Lives.  Wow, that was a long time ago....
Wow this video's pretty awesome, lol.
Moderate female brony/pegasister turning creative. :)
love my little pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sounds like a gilbert & stallion operetta!
OMG!!!!!! UR AWFUL!!! every time someone clops one of fluttershys animal friends dies and she cries for days. 8( DO U WANT FLUTTERSHY TO CRY?!?!?! >8-(
I Love How they do the "Plot" Joke and "Clopping"
princess celestia de bine de my little pony :)
And although they face critics, they will go down with their ships.

Haha best line.
That was probably the best documentary that I have EVER seen. This video's the greatest! 
saw it! freaking awesomeness. :D
How did discord get into this at all????
Lisa: John de Lancie aka Discord was so impressed by the bronies he met that he set out to make a documentary about them which just came out. This song is part of the framing device for the doco.
oh... but discord sings well!
You can be whatever you want. And the "moderates", going by the song, are people who saw mention of MLP on forums or social media or the like, watched a little of the show and then became fans - but ones who just like to enjoy the show and not necessarily delve deep into the fandom as much. I consider myself a moderate even though I've contributed a very little amount of creative content.
No one wants to be called a Hipster. Probably due to stereotypes such as owning Apple Computer products, hanging out at Starbucks and preferring 35 mm film photography over digital photography.
so what's wrong with apple and starbucks?
Dischord teaching pony class. oop, the 90th comment, hurrah!
i didn't get it the first time but the 5th time i saw it i got it
I am a dude, but i can't lie I love me demz Pegasitas 
.......? this video makes no sense
I was all, "No way!" when the word clopping came up.
OMG this rawks but they forgot the kid bronies although not an official brony i'm a bro and i'm a dedicated BRONY
Gone Madz
+David Formosa
Isn't it obvious? Tara Strong plays 2 ponies in the show. So one of them is Twilight Sparkle the " alicorn " and that makes Twilight Tara Strong!
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