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La dolce vita on Lake Como
When you think Lake Como you think big sunglasses, riding in a convertible and hopping on boats with a drink in hand. And you wouldn't be thinking all that far from reality because Lake Como is the stuff dreams are made of: millions of shades of blue, mount...

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Cheating on Milan for a day
View of Varese from the Giardini Estense Even though Milan is a cosmopolitan and international industry powerhouse in which most dream to fit its hectic half jet-setting half latin rhythm, I find myself daydreaming of the day I'll get to take a train out of...

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Easy Cinnamon Bun recipe | Baking like a wannabe-pro
Baking has never really been my strong point - I have the lack of intuition that makes the difference between a newbie and a seasoned pro. And without fail there is something in the recipe I missread or I'm oblivious to steps that maybe to the writer who ha...

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What to see in Paris | Off the beaten track
Touristy Paris is relatively easy and quick to see - three days in the capital of 'joie de vivre' should suffice if you're after the classic trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, snoop at the Orsay and selfie with the Notre Dame Cathedral. But I think no one...

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Where to eat in Paris
With allegedly 40,000 restaurants and probably twice as many cafés, Paris is a foodie's heaven and an indecisive person's hell. A maze as complicated as its beautiful stone-paved streets, Paris needs to be navigated with an open mind as well as with some ...

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Best of | H&M beauty
It's taken me a solid year to find out that H&M had launched a new and very trendy beauty line, which frankly doesn't surprise me since I usually triple-check even my drugstore beauty purchases. Long story short, you wouldn't catch me dead buying anything e...

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Chateau de Chantilly | Day trip from Paris
I spent one of the best days this autumn visiting Chantilly castle with Diana. The endless shades of green and rusty red were almost more intense after the spot of rain and there was that crisp smell of winter in the air which made it even more perfect.  B ...

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Mornings like this
   Temptation looms at every street corner, boulangerie or even local Carrefour city. Needless to say I have developed the superpower - or bad habit - of shamelessly eating a whole bar of chocolate in 15 minutes, undeterred by the ensuing tooth ache because...

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Chateau de Sceaux | day trip from Paris
What do you do on a hot September day in Paris? You take the RER and head to Sceaux, that's what!  The chateau is super easy to get to, just 20 minutes from the city centre on the RER B line will get you to the 'Parc de Sceaux' stop, after which it'll tak...

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Focus | The Louis Vuitton Foundation
Probably the only Vuitton you'll ever catch me in. And thank goodness they haven't decided to monogram it!  ~~~ Inauguration date   2014 Architect Frank Gehry (think the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the EMP Museum etc etc).  Inspiration the Sidney Opera H...
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