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Amanda Baker is a writer

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223 Good Stuff (2)
Some people care. Ok – I am digging deep (that is a pun, you’ll see why)
because I promised you two weeks of positive out of the current insanity. So, as the Washington farce continues and the UK
Brexit Danse Macabre goes ga ga and Marine Le Pen has politic...

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222. Good Stuff (1)
Ok - out of the current swamp of horribleness, I fished out some good stuff for this week (and hopefully next week). Regular readers will have read my Mixed-race magic post a while back,celebrating the fact that in the climate of populist bigotry, prejudice...

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Consumerism is Killing Us...

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221. Reality Gaps & the dangers of an Opposition Vacuum.
The gap between reality and media soundbites is increasing
in the UK. This problem is compounded by the lack of a functioning opposition. Jeremy
Corbyn is less use than a teacup in a Tsunami. I’ve railed against the ineffectual
clown Corbyn while the left w...

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220. Mexico v Trump & why America is literally breaking.
Trump’s infamous statement on Mexicans “When
Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending
their best. They’re not sending you (indicating his audience at the rally).
They’re not sending you (indicating again). They’re sending people that have
lots of proble...

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BT were SO shit when I was a customer a few years back I took them to court in a DIY case - a damp squib for me (it gets a mention in my comedy biog Maybe I'm not a Pigeon avail on amazon) Now they are IN the shit - mwaaaaahhhh

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219. God created Empire Zombies, Trump & Silver Bullets
Come on, stick with me now, you know it will work out… A silver bullet is – in common parlance - an absolute
solution to a difficult problem. The term springs from the notion that silver
bullets were the ultimate and terminal antidote to supernatural evil c...

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218. Lidl – 0, Barack Obama -1
Lidl lost. Me! Have I finally gone off my trolley – albeit it a
shopping trolley? I’m boycotting Lidl for a couple of months. Yep – you can see
them shaking in their boots as they lose the few quid they’ve been making off
me for the last 13 years. Having me...

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An environmental tale for your children to listen to. x
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