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Amanda Baker is a writer


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257. BrEXIT (Brown girl Exit)
I’m winding up for 2017 so here’s to 2018 focusing
on people who really need our help. Hopefully, we’ll see Trump’s impeachment and
more effort to stem ecological damage. Sadly for the UK, it seems there is no
undoing BREXIT and you can’t impeach xenophobia...

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I CAN SAVE YOU. Yes. Nothing says I bought this because - you bought
me something last year / we’re distantly related / we once worked together / I
don’t really know you well enough to buy something you’d actually like / I had
to buy something and I know th...

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255. BREXIT makes sense - with my brand new parlour game...
With a brand new parlour game called OPPOSITES -
STUPID Oh if only I’d thought of this before. How easy. How
obvious. I have bemoaned a sense of living in a parallel
universe before on this blog. You look around you and your eyes, ears and
common sense tell...

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254. Sex sleaze at Westminster + Gavin Williamson + Brexit = proof that Britain is now in the dementia wing of the la la land hospital for incontinent, delusional ex-empires.
Grubby scandals, overreach, ineffectual leadership,
unnecessary wars, poor judgement, economic Armageddon, the rise and rise of
mediocrity. Not necessarily in that order. It’s all there as it was with the
Greek, Roman, Ottoman etc empires.  We had the overr...

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253. Souls for sale?
State capture is the 21 st century equivalent
of 19 th century exploitation of natural national resources for
private gain. Art – however – remains the preferred acquisition for money
grubbing moguls, wealth plundering dictators and nation-exploiting oligar...

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252 A real horror story for this Halloween…
An actual horror story is reaching its zenith around
us right now. It is a fearful, shocking, blood-curdling saga of environmental
cataclysm, species collapse and millions of agonizing human deaths from
pollution. The nightmare scenario which should give us...

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251. Politicians have unemployed themselves…
…so let’s all have a massive refund. Yes – I had another of my blinding revelations –
huge cosmic insights and general headache-inducing flashes of brilliance (or
maybe it was something I ate?) I was mulling over the rash of un-elected
‘government’ organisa...

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250. “The Earth is Pissed Off” Neil De Grasse Tyson - sept 2017
This is what acclaimed US astrophysicist and author
Neil De Grasse Tyson said on MSNBC in response to questions about the record
breaking weather events around the globe and the global environmental crisis we
are happily ignoring. Obviously we’d be better o...

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249. Boris Johnson personifies laughing-stock Britain.
Some things are complicated and some things are not.
If you want to understand why the UK has become a nation to sneer at on the
world stage – look no further than Boris Johnson. On this blog I aim to criticise/satirise policy, not the
person. However, with...
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