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The Movement...A journey through the book of Acts
Summer Series begins  July 16th, 2017 Unlike most history books, Acts is filled with references to
God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  The story simply wouldn’t have been
possible without God. He started it, motivated it and gave it direction,
energy, ...

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Pray like this...
Message on July 2nd, 2017 Most people can't imagine what it would have been like to
walk and talk with Jesus. If we
could have been there we would have seen Him touch the sick. We would have been
amazed as He walked across the waves of the stormy sea. Imagi...

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Leaving the comfort zone!
Message on June 25th, 2017 When was the last time you got earth shattering, soul rocking news that blindsided you in a way that you didn’t know what to do?  Was it last month, last week or even this morning?  Well, a careful look at the action steps that Je...

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Break Through
Youth Sunday is June 11th The Ignite Student Ministry at Union Church is going to be leading the worship service at Union Church on June 11th and they will be challenging us all with the faith that we need to trust God for a Break Through in our lives. Ever...

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Through the Valley
New Sermon at Union Church on June 4th Most everyone has heard of  Psalm
23 .
It’s a poem with no peer and has been called the sweetest song ever sung. Abraham Lincoln read it to cure
his blues, and President Bush proclaimed it publicly to calm our nation’s...

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Roots...Back to Basics
New Series Starts May 7th  Does it matter what you believe? Within the pews of America’s churches, two thirds of the people do not believe in the exclusive character of the Christian message, and almost half of all evangelicals agree. Yes, it matters , beca...

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Wounded for our Transgressions
Good Friday Message Crucifixion was by far the worst possible
way for a person to die. The Romans were masters of torture and had devised
this incredibly cruel way of executing criminals. On this Good Friday we look at three different aspects of Jesus’ deat...

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I AM Jesus!
New Series begins April 9th Jesus was never covert about who He was and what His purpose on this earth was all about.  On Palm Sunday and Easter we will look at 2 of the I AM statements of Jesus.  He is the light of the world and He is the resurrection and ...

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The Way, The Truth, The Life
New Series Begins March 5th Join us in the Union Church Sanctuary at 10am or on the Union Church Facebook page as we begin a new series looking at the Claims of Jesus.  He was a great teacher, a wonderful healer and the most amazing person who ever lived......

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Forgotten Virtues...Reclaiming what's been lost in our culture
New Series Begins February 5th, 2017 Honor. Loyalty. Integrity. Gratitude. Are they gone? Did we leave true character behind?  Join us as we learn what we can do to restore these Forgotten Virtues.  God is in the business of reclaiming, restoring and redeem...
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