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I somehow missed this post when it was first made, and as an avid movie/game/trailer soundtrack listener, now consider it one of my favorites.  Brett chose some amazing albums, but there's a couple that I've come across that I think fit his list too. Anybody else know of any other honorable mentions?

Prometheus by Marc Streitenfield
Robin Hood (2012) by Marc Streitenfield
Ironclad by Lorne Balfe
The Fountain by Clint Mansell
Black Hawk Down by Hans Zimmer

~Individual Pieces~ 
Main Theme (Skyrim)
Breath and Life (Audiomachine)
Take Back New York (Ola Strandh)
 {If you have not seen the trailer this piece follow this link for the best trailer in all of history }
The ancient Greeks believed that a man’s soul or psyche was made up of three parts: Reason, Appetites, and Thumos. While an understanding of the first two
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Therion's Deggial album. If Conan the Barbarian owned a gym, this is what he'd play.

Most albums by Virgin Steele, but the Hymns to Victory compilation does really well.

Turisas' Stand Up and Fight album. Big, bombastic Viking metal from Denmark. All of my workouts start with Take the Day and end with Stand Up and Fight.
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Michael Brokate

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+Art of Manliness 

Have you ever considered doing a series for middle school and high school boys? Being 13 only certain posts can apply.  I think a series with without any  swearing with topics on gentlemanly behavior, handy skills, inspiring stories of great men, and just plain good to know knowledge geared for middle and high school guys would be great. I doubt im the only kid under 18 that reads your posts. 
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Point taken, Michael. I'm 47 years old and my parents have yet to hear me use a vulgar word, let alone cursing.
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Michael Brokate

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Does anyone know any good jodies? I'd like to know a couple new ones.
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Michael Brokate

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Hello Everybody!
I'm a C/SrA in KY.  Nice to see we've got CAP here on G+.  I'm about to be promoted to Staff Sergeant.  Any tips for being a Cadet NCO?  
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Thanks Everybody!
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Michael Brokate

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Anybody else play an instrument? I play piano.

P.S. +Rebecca Pavis You didnt tell me i'd be the only guy :)
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