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OnFocusOut Event on EditText Android Studio
We can check if EditText control has focus on or not using the following event. txtFrom . setOnFocusChangeListener( new View . OnFocusChangeListener () { @Override public void onFocusChange ( View v , boolean hasFocus ) { // Do Code here }
}); I hop...

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Send Data Back and forth between Two Activities Android Studio
Hello, In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to send data back and forth between two activities. Consider two Activities 1. Home Activity        ( This is the Launcher Activity) 2. Detail Activity Our goal is to send data from Home Activity to Detail Acti...

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Verify MD5 and SHA-1 cryptographic hash values
Hello,          Today in this tutorial I'm gonna show you how you can verify MD5 and SHA-1 code of a file which you have downloaded form the Internet. It is very usefull to verify MD5 and SHA-1 code to make sure that the file you just downloaded is not corr...

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Implement Gestures in Android Phone Android Studio
Hello everyone today I will be showing you how to capture touch events in your Android application For detecting gesture you will need to import few classes in your code so import the following classes 1: import android.view.MotionEvent;
2: import andro...

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Android Multiple Event Handling Java
In this tutorial I will show you how to handle multiple events in Java for Android Development. We will use a button and use their onClick and OnLongClick events to change the value of TextView 1: protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

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Android Event Handling Java
Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will show you how to implement event handling in Java for Android Development. The example I will provide will include two controls a button and a TextView. When user click the the button the value of textView will change....

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Android Set Control Width Dynamically Android Studio Java
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Control with Width that will be same on all device regardless of there screen size. So doesn't matter if your screen size is 5' or 4' your control will adjust itself automatically according to the screen size...

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Android Create Dynamic UI (Multiple Controls)
In this tutorial I have created Dynamic UI using Java. There are 3 Controls A button which is at  the center of the screen, just above this button there is a textField and at the left of the  textfield there is a label.   RelativeLayout PageLayout = new Rel...

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Android Create Dynamic UI using Java
super .onCreate(savedInstanceState);

RelativeLayout.LayoutParams layout= new RelativeLayout.LayoutParams(RelativeLayout.LayoutParams. WRAP_CONTENT ,RelativeLayout.LayoutParams. WRAP_CONTENT );
layout.addRule(RelativeLayout. CENTER_HORIZONTAL ); // set...

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How to Filter Column Returned from Stored Procedure SQL
I was asked by my Team Lead a task about Stored Procedures in SQL Server, the requirement was like We had a Stored Procedure which returns a Table and that table has about 80 columns. Now in some cases we only want some of the columns not all. I was not all...
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