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The Google+ redesign has some slick design elements to it but slickness does not mean a good user experience (in this context).
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Well, what is it that you don't like? And have you used Feedback?
It seems like you are only talking about initial user experience, not long term user experience.
I think that the initial UE is important, especially to bring in new users. It affects though my long term experience.

With this design, the main content stream just feels so boxed in. The UI is spread out all over the place along the box borders.

I think if Google is serious about the left nav area, they should move most of the top menu items and nav there as well. I know that this won't happen though.
Then USE the Feedback - there's LOTS of stuff they're working on at the minute as the initial release failed and they've had to compromise on some stuff :)
I'd like to have the option to collapse the whole chat/hangout experience. Allow the main content to spread out when this happens.

+Amber Petchey - I did use FB - feeback, not Facebook ;
laughing F'nuff.
I do know they're working on getting rid of the whitespace, like I said :)
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