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Alex Moseley
Passionate economist and philosopher.
Passionate economist and philosopher.

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The Great Bison Spirit

Is the American Government morally justified in it's actions?

On October 28th, the Tatanka Oyate (Buffalo Nation) was seen coming over a hill near the Dakota Access Pipeline protest in North Dakota. This was a sign from Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit). We need to acknowledge and support the Sioux's sovereign right to protect this land and sacred grounds.

"The DAPL is a pipeline which was supposed to run north of Bismarck until it was deemed too dangerous for their water supply. As a result, it was moved just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on sacred grounds. These grounds are the tribe's equivalent of the Arlington Cemetery. I have visited both of these sacred sites and will tell you they are one in the same. Not only that, but these are unceded lands taken from the tribe in violation of 1851 treaties which declare them to be Sioux land."

#StandingRockDakotaAccessPipelineOpposition #standingrock #dakotaaccesspipelineprotest

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Isn't capitalism morally corrupt? An answer to a friend
"How far do you extend the logic before some kind of intervention is justified though? Should banks be allowed to freely collude with one another to artificially manipulate the LIBOR rates, for example? Capitalist organisations have proven time and again th...

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The beauty of dinosaur names: home education.
Can you say, "Coelophysis, children?" I've become a great fan of palaeontology ever since my elder got into dinosaurs. Well, we didn't just 'get into dinosaurs', we got into dinosaurs . We bought many basic books on dinosaurs (we have a shelf full) but we a...

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A lovely view - books! And why books mean freedom.
Here's an image of a corner of my library that took my fancy yesterday. I love electronic gadgets as tools for writing, communication, and business and the odd bit of reading the the Kindle but seriously nothing beats a good book. I'm
a serial bibliophile....

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Symptoms of being plugged in: TV and gaming
​Based on conversation with a pupil early...then developed into something wider. With one to one
tuition, my practice often runs like a doctor's office. Funnily enough, I
explained to my pupil, I am a doctor (PhD in philosophy). People come
in with simil...

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What next: school undermines our ability to choose so how do we learn to make a true decision?
One of the biggest issues we deal with in young people as they finished their exams is the sudden realisation that they are gaining control over their life - its direction and importance. Not all 16-18 year olds realise this, and many adults have yet to rea...

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Should rubbers or erasers be banned in schools?
In an article in May 2015, a cognitive scientist argued that rubbers (erasers) should be banned from the class room. As reported by the Daily Telegraph: "Guy Claxton, visiting professor at Kings College London, has sparked
arguments with his comments that ...

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The beginnings of a work I'm writing - how to get out of the holes we make. Comments welcome!

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Academic labelling and its effects - personal stories
I had an interesting discussion with one of my younger pupils this week: her school have her down at a certain level that is below the level she's working at. Schools sometimes do this to ensure the pupil scores well at the lower grade. But her replies open...
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