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A few thoughts on what Siri may or may not bring in the next few years.

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Got a little scared that after merging my Google Apps account with my Google account, I'd be locked out of Plus until support came to Apps. But not the case - +Sanjay Parekh is the man.

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Using Google Plus to share a blog post about my thoughts on Google Plus.

I've been so engrossed in this for the past hour that I've forgotten to eat.

One advantage that Google+ does have is integration across other services people might use more than Facebook. Feels strange in a good way to have a comment notification show up when I'm doing a web search.

The creation of Google Plus is undoubtedly causing even more segmentation in the interwebz...creating a problem instead of solving an existing one.

I really like the concept of a hangout, but the app definitely needs work. First unique thing I've seen that's not offered by Facebook.

Biggest difference here seems to be more emphasis on who sees what than Facebook. Circles are at the center of the setup process, where they're more of an afterthought with Facebook.

Viewing photos from people in your circles is much better executed than Facebook photos. I like the Google Image-esque mouseover effect.
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