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Online Presence and Social Media Marketing Strategist
Online Presence and Social Media Marketing Strategist

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What Do You Do to Achieve Customer Loyalty?

Loyalists are so important for the success of your business and they don’t come along all that often. If you are lucky enough to have loyalists to your brand, you should treasure them and realize that you are definitely doing something right as far as your business is concerned.
#CustomerAdvocacy #CustomerLoyalty #BusinessRelationshipManagement

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How Have You Promoted Your eBook?

Your eBook is a tool that can help boost your reputation and credibility and it can position you as a subject matter expert. Along those lines, you should seriously consider getting book reviews up front. They are essential to your success and you should not be afraid to ask for what you need.
#eBookMarketing #eBooks #ContentMarketing

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What Are You Doing to Increase Your LinkedIn Visibility and Rankings?

Always make sure that the content that you post is not only top-notch but is also extremely relevant to your target audience.
#LinkedIn #BusinessRelationships #SocialNetworking

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How Do You Determine if Your Audience is Engaged?

Measuring engagement can be daunting, difficult to initiate, and overwhelming. The fact is that after you write and post your content, your objective is that your readers become engaged by it. If that doesn’t happen, you need to rethink your content.
#Analytics #ReadersEngagement #SocialMediaMonitoring

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How Do You Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Writing?

Although it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the commitment that you have made to your business by way of content, if you follow the tips provided here, you may not feel so overwhelmed and you may feel as though you are more in control.
#Blogging #WritersBlock #Writing

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How Has Twitter Helped You Become More Successful?

Twitter, just like most other social media tools, can be an amazing asset for your business. However, in order to make it work for you, you need to put forth the effort and determine which of its features will work most effectively for your business.
#Twitter #Twitter4Business #Socialnetworking #SocialMedia

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What is Your Branding Strategy?

Your brand can be the most important tool when it comes to helping your business grow. Don’t be discouraged if your brand doesn’t take off at first. Building a brand takes time and effort.
#Branding #EffectiveBranding #CorporateBranding

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How Does Your Business Benefit From Blogging?

If you have launched your business recently, you may not have become totally immersed in writing content for your business and sharing it on the various social media channels yet. If that is the case, you probably have some decisions to make regarding content and your business.
#Blogging #BloggingForBusiness #ContentMarketing

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