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Morning routine broken. Teeth not brushed. Life over. Need haircut to advert this crisis again. 
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At least if you don't brush your teeth you can use bragon-breath ray to keep people at bay.


^That's the sound of exhaling, FYI. :/
Obviously to fix your routine, you're supposed to take a Q-tip, dig out a chunk of ear wax, and use that as eyeliner.
If that's what you want to call it when you pee blood, +Jaden Wagener, I'll make a note of it in your file.
I'm glad I already ate my breakfast.
You're not supposed to pee blood all the time?
You know us, +Sarah Vello . We're only here to help.
We're like a circle of support!
WASP! Wasp! Wasp! Wasp! Wasp!
(cough cough). WASP!
+Sarah Vello Good morning, hon...I'm sorry that you weren't able to brush your teeth this morning. I hope you don't have to talk behind your hand all day.
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