Chris Mooney, author of Unscientific America, offers a disturbing view on how firmly some of our neighbors - even moderately well educated ones - can cling to aphorisms, assertions and just-so stories in order to clutch a politically motivated view - or mis-view - of scientific facts. I agree with Mooney that this effect has done grievous harm to our once-scientific and rational nation. Mooney's article shows that our current Culture War is not about left vs right at all. It is about two very different sets of personalities—and perceptions of reality. And evidence has a limited power to persuade on hot button issues where deep emotions are involved. As a result, the “war on science” has ballooned long past any mere attack upon the credibility of researchers and professors. It now manifests as a general onslaught on all knowledge castes -- including teachers, economists, journalists,civil servants, medical doctors, skilled labor, judges, diplomats... everyone(in other words) who actually knows a lot. All are routinely attacked on you-know-which-murdochian-" news"-network.
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