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For sale on Swappa: a gently-used ELP870 Samsung Galaxy S7 (Verizon) for $405. Buy safely on Swappa and save time and money.
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So I signed up for Project Fi last night and ordered a 5x to give it a shot. Very excite!
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So it's been awhile and I'm honestly still impressed. My bill is never more than $40, and it's rare that i lose service.
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Oh, hey, I dyed my hair.

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+Keely Brubaker you are fucking smoking hot Darlin!
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... Yes. 
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I need dis.
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"Damn, there's a lot of mud on that!"
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Gave R2 some bling this weekend :)
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Hey guys,
I know I'm not active here anymore, but I need your help and I remember how much the G+ community will rise together for each other. Please take just a moment to click this link and get to know the amazing woman that we lost unexpectedly this week.
Every penny will help. Barbara's mother just buried her mother and her husband and is barely recuperating from those costs--and now has lost her youngest daughter. She, and the rest of the family, are in desperate need of an outpouring of support and love--and I know our G+ family can do it.
If you are unable to donate, could you help by sharing this link across any social media platforms you may have? The more we spread the word, the faster we can help.

Thank you, truly, from the deepest part in my heart.
Barbara Bailey, better known by those who loved her as "Bebe", was love. From the moment we lost her, the light in the world seemed a little dimmer. Her Facebook page has become a stream full of stories and photos filled with laughter and happiness. Though she had no children of her own, she l...
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Hey guys, I know I'm not on here much but I know I have a decent amount of people that still follow me, and I need your help.
My coworker Josh just lost his wife tragically due to long-term medical complications. We are currently working to raise money to help him with bills, etc during this awful time. If you can't donate, would you mind at least sharing this? Feel free to copy my post so your circles also know the story behind this, and don't just scroll past a link they may not click. Any donation, no matter how small, would be an amazing help to him. This is truly a charity worth giving to. Josh is a wonderful soul, as was his wife. I can't imagine losing my other half, especially not this close to family holidays. He is already working several jobs to pay bills because she was unable to work.

Thank you everyone for your time. My heart aches for Josh and I hope we can help alleviate his financial stress so he has time to heal from this awful tragedy.
We are friends and colleagues of Josh Smith, Sarah Smith's husband. We are raising money for Josh to help releave some stress in this difficult time. He has just lost the love of his life and could really use some support. He works for Best Buy and we were looking for a way to help him through th...
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I'm really curious, what song does this for you?
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"Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction. Jane just breaks my heart!
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Just some friendly midnight advice.
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I kid you not, this works every time for me. And it's delicious, so win-win.
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Yay!!! It's that time of year again!!!
How does this whole thing work? Start by making your wishlist!

Participating in Secret Santa is really, really easy. While we work on tidying up some wires behind the scenes making the #SecretSanta  experience even easier, today we'll let you know how the whole thing works!

1) Make your wishlist at Amazon. This is how people will choose what gifts to get you. You make your wishlist at

2) Soon, we'll announce where you submit your wishlist.

3) Browse and gift! It's incredibly simple. On the #GPlusSanta  site, you'll be able to browse wishlists and see why your friends or followers need some extra love this season. Additionally, you can search Google+ with the hashtag #SantaGift  

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.
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We'll try that on you next time +Joshua Miller . Petrify you to extinguish you being on fire.
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Danger: Nerd crafting.
To make it easier for those "circling" me, the following are my interests/guilds:
*Polymer Clay
*Crafts, etc

Also, be warned, I am obsessed with Nyan Cat, Hello Kitty, and Dr. Horrible.  

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