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Hello viewers. right here you can make comments and awesome feedback towards my blog.

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A Little Privacy
"Mom, a little privacy please!!" Yelled Jack(16). "Sorry hon, I forgot to knock." Said Jack's mom. Things have been crazy since the role exchanger hit Jack's neighborhood. When it first struck, Jack swapped ages with a 28 year old lifeguard, switched gender...

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A Wonderous Gift
I really need to thank whoever sent me this gift. I was your average joe; going to college,dating my girlfriend, and loving my job. Until one day I get a medalion in the mail with some clothes in a box. I picked up the clothes to examine them and then I fel...

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Is This A Dream?
"Oh my god this can't be real! I must be dreaming." Mike said looking into the mirror. Just last week Mike was chatting with a girl in a bar tying to go home with her. She agreed and after a couple shots of tequeila, they were in bed with each other. That's...

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My Shape-Shifting Journey part 4
It's been a month since I realized about my shape-shifting powers and how far I can go with my ability. Just last week I morphed into my cousin and had some real fun in her body. Even my friend tried to ask me out hahaha. But after that past month, I decide...

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My Shape-Shifting Journey part 3
"Oh hey Jake what took you so long?" Ryan said smiling. "Dang man, when you told me on the phone that you had shape-shifting powers I thought you was lying. But look at you now, your hot!!" Jake said eyeing Ryan's breast. "Thanks." giggled Ryan. "So how lon...

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The Change Up
"Oh, hey mom how was school today?" asked Brian. "It was hell! I don;t know how you do it but I want my body back now. Switch us back." demanded Vicky. "No way mom, I'm having a blast." said Brian squeezing his new breast. Last week, Brian found a bodyswap ...

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My Shape-Shifting Journey part-2
So far having the ability to shape-shift is really starting to be fun. Last week I was this woman I found in a magazine and spent the whole week as her, buying some nice clothes, going to bars, and even messing with my friends which was pretty funny. Now, I...

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My Shape-shifting Journey part 1
It's funny, last year my parents told me that I have a special ability that runs in the family. Being able to shapeshift was only suppose to be in like movies or comics but it turns out it's quite real. So on my 15th birthday, my powers kicked in. One night...
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