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Water Bird Wednesday

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Getting acquainted with the grass while mum stands guard.
I felt so honored that she brought her little ones over...

#grasstuesday  +Grass Tuesday +Margaret Tompkins 
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Water Bird Wednesday

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"Taaalk to the butt! I am NOT a seagull!"
#seagullbuttsaturday #notatheme #Gulluminati #FunniestNonthemeOnG #Splatterday
And the following people have nothing to do with this nonsense +Robin Griggs Wood+Ursula Klepper+Christin McLeod​​​ +Sassi Sassmannshausen​​​​​ +Lauri Novak​​​​​​​ +Richard Ball​​ +Craig Szymanski​​​ +Melissa Beagle​​​ +Ellie Kennard​​​ +Cora Triton​​​​​​ +Steve Savoie+Pam Wolfe​​​ +Jon Cassill+Tom McGowan​​​​​ +Annie Irving+Diana Boyd+Debby Moran​​​ +Alex Lapidus​​​ +Lou McCorkle​​​ +Rob Lopes+Kimmetal Smith+Bette Kauffman+Liz C+Jacqueline Hodsdon​​​ +Darion Jackman​​​​​​​​​ +Steven Kennard+Sharon Stone​​​​​ +Dawn Siadatan+Sumit Sen+Jasbir S. Randhawa​​​ +Gazzaroonii T.​​​​ +John Wade+Dave Bell​​​ +Swee Oh​​​ +Leo Deegan​​​ +Nancy Battis Vita​​​ +Patrick Kelly+Marilyn Benham​​​​​​​ +Mari Luukkonen​​​​​ +Lora Lee Chapman+Giselle Savoie​​ +Carin Bruce+David Q. Cohen​​​ +Gernot Glaeser+Maureen Roberson​​​ +Brian Grzelewski+cobalt please​​​ +Darcee McCutcheon+Annelies Jansen​​​ +Rachel Ferris​​​​​​​ +Margaret Tompkins​​​​​​​​​ +Jan Vermeulen+Christi Nielsen

#waterbirdwednesday +Water Bird Wednesday​ by +Margaret Tompkins​
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Thank you +Margaret Tompkins​ and +Water Bird Wednesday​! Have a great Sunday and happy new week!
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Water Bird Wednesday

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Water Bird Wednesday

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Lost In Dig Nation
”Oh, you’re not getting a shot of my back end! You’d probably come up with something like #PeagullbuttSaturday to embarrass me with!”
”Oh waitI just gave you that idea, didn’t I?”

Don’t worry, Mister Peagull … we’re way ahead of you there …. ;o7


If you've made it this far, please know that there is NO such photography theme as #SeagullButtSaturday. The following people, sometimes posting to the #FunniestNonthemeOnGplus, are actually the #FunniestNonCuratorsOnGplus.

+Robin Griggs Wood +Ursula Klepper +Christin McLeod +Sassi Sassmannshausen +Lauri Novak +Richard Ball +Craig Szymanski +Melissa Beagle +Ellie Kennard +Cora Triton +Steve Savoie +Pam Wolfe +Joy Mum +Jon Cassill +Tom McGowan +Annie Irving +Diana Boyd +Debby Moran +Alex Lapidus +Lou McCorkle +Rob Lopes +Kimmetal Smith +Bette Kauffman +Liz C +Jacqueline Hodsdon +Darion Jackman +Steven Kennard +Sharon Stone +Dawn Siadatan +Sumit Sen +Jasbir S. Randhawa +Gazzaroonii T. +John Wade +Dave Bell +Swee Oh +Leo Deegan +Nancy Battis Vita +Patrick Kelly +Marilyn Benham +Mari Luukkonen +Lora Lee Chapman +Giselle Savoie +Carin Bruce +David Q. Cohen +Gernot Glaeser +Maureen Roberson +Brian Grzelewski +cobalt please +Darcee McCutcheon +Annelies Jansen +Rachel Ferris +Margaret Tompkins +Jan Vermeulen +Christi Nielsen +Jaana Nyström

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Must-have hashtags (for hackling the hashtag-haters … ;o))
#SeagullButtSaturday (duh!)
#SeagullButtsInDisguise (for other birds; a fine way to use up all those bird shots you took that are "not quite what you were shooting for" and currently languishing on your hard drive.)
#Gulluminati (what the group of non-curators have come to be known as)
#FunniestNonthemeOnGplus (because, isn't it?! … ;oD)
#Splatterday (Jasbir's invention, applicable for, ahem, some conditional shots … ;o7)

#rgwoodpost #Gulluminati #Gullarazzi #FunniestNonthemeOnGplus
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Water Bird Wednesday

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Thanks +Virpi Flankkila for sharing with +Water Bird Wednesday !!

+Margaret Tompkins 
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Water Bird Wednesday

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Thanks +Chris Korman !! This is perfect for +Water Bird Wednesday !!

+Margaret Tompkins 
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Water Bird Wednesday

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For #NotATheme #SeagullButtSaturday Not curated by +Robin Griggs Wood +Ursula Klepper +Christin McLeod +Sassi Sassmannshausen +Lauri Novak +Richard Ball +Craig Szymanski +Melissa Beagle +Ellie Kennard +Cora Triton +Steve Savoie +Pam Wolfe +Jacqueline Hodsdon +Jon Cassill +Tom McGowan +Annie Irving +Diana Boyd +Debby Moran +Alex Lapidus +Lou McCorkle +Rob Lopes +Kimmetal Smith +Bette Kauffman +Liz C +Darion Jackman +Steven Kennard +Sharon Stone +Dawn Siadatan +Sumit Sen +Jasbir S. Randhawa +Gazzaroonii T. +John Wade +Dave Bell +Swee Oh +Leo Deegan +Nancy Battis Vita +Patrick Kelly +Marilyn Benham +Mari Luukkonen +Lora Lee Chapman +Giselle Savoie +Carin Bruce +David Q. Cohen +Gernot Glaeser +Maureen Roberson +Brian Grzelewski +cobalt please +Darcee McCutcheon +Annelies Jansen +Rachel Ferris +Margaret Tompkins +Jan Vermeulen and +Christi Nielsen
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For #WildlifeWednesday curated by +Mike Spinak and +Morkel Erasmus

Northern Pintails (Anas acuta)
Captured in Pong Lake in the hills of the W. Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, N. India
[Best viewed Full-Screen: Click on image, and hit the Space Bar]
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+Water Bird Wednesday +Margaret Tompkins The pleasure is mine! Thanks so much for resharing, Maggy! :-)
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