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A rise in the Baltic Dry Daily index suggests a rebound in demand. Experts have yet to agree on what this could mean for shipping costs regarding vehicle shipping and container shipping companies.
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Shipping a car to or from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic? Trailer Bridge discusses some easy measures you can take to ensure that your vehicle gets from Point A to Point B without any hiccups.
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Storm season isn't over yet! Trailer Bridge discusses how tropical storms and hurricanes can affect regions such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and what implication these storms have on not only ocean shipping, but also entire supply chains.
#tropicalstorm   #hurricaneseason   #shippingtopuertorico   #shippingtothedominicanrepublic  

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Trying to decide what company you should choose to transport your car to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic? Learn about what qualities and services make a reliable vehicle shipping company.
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