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Thank you for visiting my page.
Thank you for visiting my page.

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Wow what a let down. Haha

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The best anniversary gift. 

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Get out the calculator to figure out if buying that property is a good investment OR if the re-fi is a good idea ...Article says: "...Low rates help existing homeowners even if they don't refinance their homes. Affordable loans boost homebuyer demand, sending home prices higher...."  

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What do you think of these Real Estate websites? If you're in the market for a new one, make sure you emphasize function b/c sometimes it is easy to go for the design primarily.  We can have good looking, but we need good working/effective first and foremost:) 

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Another case for Real Estate video marketing - VM is here to stay!  

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You either love lists or you hate them, but they're always popular headlines.  And this story in particular is getting quite a bit of pro- and con- comments regarding the retirement location choices mentioned in the article.  Read and see what I mean.  Share too, if you want:)

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You never know who knows whom and could benefit from sharing this.  Good luck.
I have a well-qualified buying group who are going to be in Europe in a couple of weeks looking for Hotels  to purchase in these cities:
Paris / France
Monte Carlo
Russia; Kiev & Moscow
They are looking for 5 Star luxury hotels and also boutique hotels.  If you are an owner or owner’s rep please contact me.

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Don't you think it's always interesting to see which global cities attract the most Real Estate searches? 

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There really are so many ways and tools for engaging your website visitors and when you get it right, it can be soooo good for business.  All the best! Share if you like and thanks!

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Hey Real Estate agents, apparently the need and desire for large closets has deeper meaning than just wanting more space to fill with your things... And TV shows aim to be on the cutting edge of trends or else. Misc thoughts for today.
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