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Scott Herring
Married Dad to 4 future giants. A Geek with an interest for everything Diabetes related. Waiting for the cure for Type 1 Diabetes.
Married Dad to 4 future giants. A Geek with an interest for everything Diabetes related. Waiting for the cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

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Is it just me, or does the preview of the new Google + look a lot like the original view when it launched? 

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Things I now fear thanks to Doctor Who.
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Making a one time post regarding Ingress play.  I have started playing again, and I am reviving the EPAR Community.  There was a purge and re-invite among known active agents.  If you are playing, or wish to rejoin the dominating force of NEPA look up the EPAR account or drop me a line here so we can get you straightened out.  

For those of you who had me in your circles from before, I have moved all of my ingress activity to the EPA Resistance account.  Thanks for your understanding.  

aka PapaSmurf


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Got my first QSL card ever this week!  Hopefully the first of many.  

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Mike is a wonderful man I have the pleasure of knowing, and calling friend.  As the holiday season is upon us, no matter your faith, or lack of, please consider making a donation to DRI.  

While many of you on my Facebook page know the daily struggles our kids go through with Type 1 Diabetes, there are also many of you who do not.  It is not something you outgrow.  It is a life-long disease that slowly takes its toll on your body.  

Ever forget to eat, and you have that hollow feeling in your stomach, that no matter how much food you shove in your mouth you think it will never be enough? How about drinking so much that the room spins, and your speech slurs, and you are going to the bathroom constantly?  

Imagine how scary it is for our kids, who feel this way each and every day, and sometimes several times a day.  Imagine getting so dizzy at a moments notice that you collapse and strike your head so hard to give yourself a concussion.  

My son Ryan was diagnosed at age 5.  For him, T1D is all he knows.  His age of recollection is of a moment that his life changed forever.  As a parent, you don't want your child to be ill, or in pain, it eats away at you because you constantly wish you could do something to take away their pain.  Please think about that and how you would feel the day you get the news. 

Too bad the rest of the federal government doesn't take lessons on speed from the FCC licensing group. Took my amateur radio exams on Saturday and had my call sign issued just before lunchtime today. KC3DUB

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Everyone always said I was a HAM. Now it's official. Passed both Technician and General exams today! Now for the long (perceived) wait for my Call Sign from the FCC.
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Thought this would fit a few people I know.  Self included.  

Many thanks to my Ingress family. Last night I had the task of providing cpr to my father in law. After reaching out to immediate family and whatnot once we got to the hospital, I reached out to my ingress family for prayers and positive thoughts. It must have worked because they were able to stabilize him for transport to a regional hospital with a cardiac unit.

We aren't out of the woods yet, but he has a lot of positives going for him.

Seeing the thoughts concerns and well wishes on my hangouts helped. I am so thankful to have made the friendships I have since I started and wanted you to know you are appreciated.

If you don't make friends with Ingress, you are doing it all wrong.

The world is not as it seems... It's better.


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