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New Monasticism
From the webpage :  A movement which offers vision, insight, support and direction in assimilating Religion and spirituality within daily life, within new forms, emerging from within contemporary conscience an...

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"The Secret Life of God."
When the summer holidays come I’ve always been lucky enough
that a few good books fall into my lap and take me to the liminal space I’ve
been thirsting for.  This year “TheSecret Life of God” is the first of my spiritual elixirs.  It makes compelling readin...

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Caryll Houselander : A Rocking Horse Catholic
Just read Caryll Houselanders book, "A Rocking horse Catholic." Interesting 20th Catholic 'mystic.' Some parallels with Thomas Merton, especially the following passages . . . . . "I was in an underground train, a crowded train in which all sorts of people j...

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Rob Bell : Ricard Rohr and the New Orthodoxy.

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Liverpool Festival of Spirituality
I can't believe this event has gone undetected under my radar ! I reproduce their festival information below.  St Brides shows its credentials once more.  Amazing place. "Throughout April 2016 St Bride's in partnership with Spirituality Liverpool, Make Spac...

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The Pope Video - Inter-religious Dialogue
Wow -

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Always look on the bright side of life . . . . . .
Loved the way when Benedict was Pope, a difference of
opinion from liberals earned the cry “dissent” from any conservatives.   Now the shoe is on the other foot,
conservatives absolve themselves of their own yardstick and feel free to
denounce the Pope and ...

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Bede Griffiths on the Eucharist
Father Bede on the Eucharist (first published at Shantivanam  Ashram) The Vatican Council said that the Eucharist is the source and summit of the activity of the Church.  I have always found difficulty with this.  The constitution of the Sacred Liturgy at t...

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Paul Inwood : Hymn for the Year of Mercy
From the Website of the Catholic Bishops in England and Wales . . . . . The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation yesterday published on its ‘Jubilee of Mercy’ website the winning entry in an international competition for a hymn set...

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Father William Meninger OCSO
Well worth Listening to ! An interview with Father William Meninger. Not had much time for blogging lately, but discovered Carl McColman's blog "A Contemplative Faith."   Reminded me of what is so good about the blogosphere.
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