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Michelle Sipics
science writer, baseball freak, math nerd.
science writer, baseball freak, math nerd.

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Only 500 more signatures needed for a response from the White House. Don't let fearmongers talk the country into giving up strong encryption.

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THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for the Dude Hates Cancer event. It means so much! As part of this event, LLS is also selling raffle tickets for a huge collection of Philadelphia restaurant gift certificates. See attached link for the full list. Tickets are $5 for one ticket or $20 for 6. If you are interested in buying raffle tickets, let me know and I can hook you up. And again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated!

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I have no idea how Phil finds these stories, but this is unbelievable and fascinating. And The Big Roundtable pays its writers through reader contributions, so if you're someone who says you'll pay for good content, here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is!

For most of their younger years, Kai Frobel, in West Germany, and Gunter Berwing, in East Germany, were separated by a boundary that was both political and very real: razor wire and land mines, rifles and machine guns trained on a wide no-man’s land. Independently, they developed a love of nature, particularly of birds, an interest that would later connect them—in written communication, at first, and then in person. Their friendship and their interest in conservation was highly suspicious to the Stasi, the notorious East German police.
But times changed and the wall fell. And in the following decades, the two men were instrumental in pushing a radical and seemingly impossible idea—to turn the barren no-man’s land of the Iron Curtain that once divided not only the two parts of Germany, but all of Europe, into a wildlife haven, connecting larger wilderness parks along the route and providing a necessary highway for wild animals that had been all but absent for decades.  In this story they meet again and consider how a death zone became Europe’s “ribbon of life.”

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It's wonderful to see so many people excited about the Taney Dragons and their run for the Little League World Series. Did you know that many of the Dragons (including the now famous Mo'ne Davis!) got their start thanks to Steve Bandura and his work with the Philadelphia Youth Organization's Anderson Monarchs baseball program? PYO can always use donations. Drop them a few bucks today for tomorrow's Mo'nes! 

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Added photos to #Helios XM Anomaly - Satellite: Philadelphia.

So now that Interitus is finally behind us -- and congrats to all who participated and to the blues for the win -- it's time to talk tailgate! Those of you who were around last year may recall that after weeks spent trying to figure out where we could have grills, booze and a large crowd of nerds gathered together in one place, +Pedro Owsik came up with the idea of just doing a tailgate at the ballpark as a summer xfac event. We finally pulled it off, and I would like to see an even bigger one happen this year.

Right now I am considering Saturday, July 26th as a tentative tailgate date. There is a Phillies game at 7:05 that night (Diamondbacks) so we'd probably start around 4pm. Anyone who actually wants to attend the game can peel off at 7 or whenever; those who don't give a hoot about baseball can keep hanging out!

Please use this thread for general feedback and suggestions. I doubt any dates earlier than that would work from a planning perspective, but if the 26th is a problem for a huge percentage of our players we can try to look further down the calendar into August. Similarly, if you have other ideas about planning, or want to help with planning, please post away or feel free to reach out on hangouts.

Here's to another fun summer of Philly Ingress and a good xfac celebration!

Anyone else using the latest d2att build (well, unified now) and having constant drop-off-network problems? If I turn off LTE completely it's fine. If I leave LTE on, I lose all data and call capability and get no service for 10-30 seconds until it decides to come back on.

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The pain of the Flyers losing in a shootout to the Blues last night is almost entirely mitigated by this.

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A handy go-to list.
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