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Semantic Web Journal Call for Papers: Special issue on Linked Data for Information Extraction. Deadline April 07, 2017. 

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We are happy to announce the first Impact Factor for our Semantic Web journal: 1.786. Congratulations to Editors-in-Chief Pascal Hitzler and Krzysztof Janowicz and the rest of the team! Well done! :) More details via this blog post:

The Semantic Web journal just got an impact factor, and it's excellent indeed.

If you search the Journal Citation Reports system for all journals which have "Web" in their title, you find 7 of them. SWJ tops the list with 1.786, and the next best one is Springer's "World Wide Web - Internet and Web Information Systems" with 1.539.

The full list is as follows:

Semantic Web 1.786
World Wide Web - Internet and Web Information Systems 1.539
Journal of Web Semantics 1.277
International Journal of Web and Grid Services 1.229
ACM Transactions on the Web 1.061
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems 0.621
International Journal of Web Services Research 0.257

Here are some journals with overlapping scope, all from the "Computer Science, Information Systems" journal category:

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering: 2.476
Information Systems 1.832
Journal of the ACM 1.803
Semantic Web 1.786
VLDB Journal 1.744
Knowledge and Information Systems 1.702
World Wide Web - Internet and Web Information Systems 1.539
Data & Knowledge Engineering 1.500
Multimedia Tools and Applications 1.331
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 1.293
Journal of Web Semantics 1.277
ACM Transactions on the Web 1.061
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS) 0.621
Applied Ontology 0.526

Some journals covering generically larger communities of course are higher:

IEEE Intelligent Systems 3.532
Artificial Intelligence 3.333
Knowledge-based Systems 3.325
Communications of the ACM 3.301

- but these are not really our competition.

Of course, like all metrics, these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt. We know about the systematic problems with impact factors, in particular since a few high-scoring papers can push the factor up significantly although other papers in a journal get hardly cited. That's not the case for SWJ though, as far as we can tell (e.g. based on Google Scholar). With respect to other metrics we've been doing well as well, but the currently listings have issues, e.g. the current Scimago and Google Scholar Metrics listings for some reason omit several high-scoring recent SWJ papers.

Nevertheless, I think we're doing rather well, and I'd like to thank our editorial board members , our guest editors, our reviewers and our authors for their hard work and dedication. And IOS Press of course, who were always fully in support of our experimental innovations.

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Call for Special Issue Proposals on Emerging Topics
Submitted by Pascal Hitzler on 04/13/2016 - 08:18

The Semantic Web journal call for proposals for special issues on emerging topics related to Semantic Web research. To submit a proposal, please send the following information to the Editors-in-Chief.

Submission deadline for proposals: May 15, 2015
Notification: May 30, 2015

Topic of the special issue
Names of all guest editors
A tentative list of reviewers or Guest Editorial Board members
A short description of the topic
Why the topic is currently of interest
Suggested timeline
Credentials of the guest editors regarding their research impact and their community standing with respect to the topic
Optionally, any supplementary information

Please also take note of our standing call for special issue proposals.

Please note that reviewing for special issues must follow the same open and transparent review process as for all other papers submitted to the journal.

Please also take note of the FAQ 5. 

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Looks like I'll keynote at MAICS 2016, "Knowledge Modeling for Data Sharing, Integration, and Reuse" - 

[Summary: We intend to run an informal symposium to gather the U.S. community interested in foundations and applications of Semantic Web technologies. Please let us know by February 20 if you would be potentially interested in participating. Long version below.]

1st U.S. Semantic Symposium (USSS) – Indication of Interest

The Semantic Web is an inherently multi-disciplinary field. The Artificial Intelligence community has contributed much in the way of formal logic and knowledge representation. Similarly, the applied computer science community, along with industry and government agencies, have contributed with application development and testing. With an ever-growing dependence on the web, natural science researchers, geoscience and biology to name a few, have also taken an increasing interest in the Semantic Web.

Yet, the division between computer science, natural science, and academia/government/industry, has a downside. It limits the formation of a coherent national agenda for exploring emerging trends in Semantic Technologies. What are needed are community consolidation and the building of a U.S.-based community research network.

The goal of the 1st U.S. Semantic Symposium is to bring together the U.S. Semantic Web community and begin forming such a research network. We aim to achieve this by supporting communication across disciplinary, organizational, and geographical boundaries. The Symposium will provide a forum by which participants can share information and ideas, coordinate ongoing or planned research activities, foster synthesis and new collaborations, develop community standards, and advance their science and education through communication and the sharing of ideas.

To this end, the Symposium will be an informal gathering with plenty of time for discussion and breakout sessions. We encourage anyone with an interest in the Semantic Web, regardless of field, to attend. Given the diversity of the field, we are at this time identifying the size of the interested community in order to identify adequate facilities and agenda. We anticipate a one-day symposium to be held in the Washington D.C. area during summer of 2016.

Submit your intention to participate and Symposium agenda ideas to Tom Narock [], by February 20 if at all possible.

Organizing Committee

Michel Dumontier, Stanford University
Jeff Heflin, Lehigh University
Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University
Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California, Santa Barbara
Marshall Ma, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Tom Narock, Marymount University

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We (Semantic Web journal) have been asked whether we could open a job postings website. If you have any jobs postings related to Semantic Web (academic or industry etc.), then we can add a pointer on - just let us know. 

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Linked Dataset Description Papers at the Semantic Web Journal: A Critical Assessment

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