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Jonas Finnemann Jensen

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Firefox 29 launched...
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Where do I report bugs? (Against the Drive API/SDK)

The drive integration 'state' has undocumented 'userId' and 'folderId' attribute, whereas the documented 'parentId' attribute is missing.

I realize this is probably just missing documentation, but am I supposed to trust undocumented features?

Please tell me there's a place I can report and *track* these issues.

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I saw the "Google Drive SDK: Apps & OAuth - Recent Changes, Tips & Tricks" video by chance...
The change sounds really good, but I can find the "userid" key supposedly added to the "state" parameter for open and create urls in the documentation.
I suspect the open and create urls mentioned in the video are those referenced here:

If that's correct, and I should expect a "userid" key in the "state" parameter, please consider adding it to the documentation (assuming it's a stable change, I can trust).
It's just that userid could be written as "userid", "userId", "user-id", "userID", "user-ID", etc. and it's kind of hard to tell from a video :)

Just pushing all the buttons I can find in Google+ :)
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